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The family comes to Koh Lanta Chade resort 27/1-10/2 2019

27/1 The family arrive, pool bathing for the first time and Oskar and Olivia loved it. We relaxed at Kristoffer´s air-conditioned room in the afternoon, very good dinner at the resort with al seven of us. It was so wonderful to see the grandchildren after not seeing them for 9 month. They had grown so much. Also nice to see Frederik Jeanne Kristoffer Winni and Jørgen. We were happy that they took the long journey to see us and off cause having a holiday in Thailand.

28/1 Jet-lag, lunch at resort, the children bathe, Jørgen gave beer overlooking the pool! We deliver laundry and went back to Alex to relax. We came in for dinner, on a restaurant on the beach, with the others. A very nice evening.

29/1 Preparing for having guests onboard when the weather allows it. Cleaning and washing cockpit covers. Lars is moving things to aft storage. I put things away to the front washing machine space, after cleaning. We took the dingy to the beach and went to the family room and Kristoffer were there. Olivia was asleep and Oskar did not want too sleep. We collected our clean clothes and went to the pool for happy hour. Al of us went north along the coast line to a restaurant on the beach. Later in the evening they had fire show there. When we went back to the resort we so many small crabs, sticking up from wholes in the sand, and Oskar was excited to see them when lighted up by our torch.

30/1 Lars moved cradles to storage under SB cabin madras. He also put cover on mainsail. I vacuum clean the two aft cabin. We went in and visited Kristoffer. 17:30 sun-downer/happy hour with Jørgen and Wini. We got buffet at the resort all of us. Nice sushi and red wine. Still very windy at the anchorage.

31/1 Lars went in with the dingy and got Frederik, Kristoffer and Oskar with him to Alexandra. So back to get Jeanne and Olivia. Olivia had fever so Lars sailed Jeanne and Olivia back so Olivia could sleep undisturbed. Frederik worked on the bottom that had a lot of growth. Kristoffer and Oskar swam around Alexandra. Lars sailed them in and later on we sailed in. Winni and I went to a playroom with Olivia. Olivia enjoyed it a lot. We missed the sun-downer because Lars got very bad stomach ache so we sailed out to Alexandra. Lars slept immediately. When he woke up he got to panadol so he could sleep threw the night.

1/2 Lars is feeling better. The painkiller seem to work. He think it is a gall stone. It is a lot of wind on the anchorage, 23 knots so we stay until the afternoon. Lars download pictures from both cameras. In the afternoon we sailed in and took a tuk tuk to Saladan and the supermarket. When we came out of the shop Frederik, Oskar and Kristoffer were there. Al of us took a big tuk tuk back to the resort. We, except Jeanne and Winnie who went to a clinic with Olivia, had dinner at the resort. Olivia had an infection and got intravenous first treatment.

2/2 Peaceful morning. Lars was still hurting in the left groin. He continued with penicillin and codeine to take the pain. Al hatches was cleaned from salt water. Also the durades needed a cleaning. The others took a one day tour around the island. Lars had fever but he was not hurting. The tour went well also with Olivia.

3/2 The night was difficult for Lars so we sailed in and took a tuk tuk to the clinic. Lars was thoroughly investigated and it turned up to be infection in the bladder. He got one dose intravenously and pills with him. The clinic drove us back to the resort. Lars rested at Kristoffers room and the rest of us could see the kids swimming and bathing in the pool at Winnie and Jørgen. The clinic called Lars in the evening and asked how he felt. The insurance Safeaway took the bill and we had to pay for own risk 700DKK.

4/2 Lars is much bedder after a good nights sleep. Winnie and Jørgen are on an island cruise. Nice breeze at the anchorage. We took the dingy in and a tuk tuk to the supermarket. We found goat cheese for Lars!

5/2 Finally, all is well and we had all of the Danish family on board Alexandra. We sailed a tour along the coast and enjoyed being together on Alexandra. The old toaster from our Luffe 37/ Njord boat came to work and it was like old time. So nice to have them all at sun-downer in the cockpit. Afterwords Lars sailed them all, except Kristoffer, back to land. We three had a nice dinner on board.

6/2 We took a tuk tuk to Santos village and walked to the north tip and a restaurant overlooking the bay. On the way back we stopped at the supermarket. They did not have much chilled food because almost al fridges were broken. Back at Chade we stopped at Kristoffers and found out that he was not well. He had nausea and rested al day. At Winni and Jørgen we got nice gin and tonic and potato chips. We al except Kristoffer took a tuk tuk to a Swedish restaurant. We got very nice seafood plater with “Skagen röra”. Yummy. The kids got mashed potatoes Swedish meatballs and lingonberries. On the way back on the market street I got help from Winnie and Jeanne to negotiate the price for one bikini and 2 skirts. We played with Oliva, in the big tuk tuk getting back home, because she was jealous on her brother for having mother for himself.

7/2 Sunny morning, after a night having to run the generator and now I had fever and stomach pain. Painkiller helped but I stayed onboard the whole day. Lars sailed in with the dingy, in the afternoon, to pick up Jeanne, Oskar, Frederik and Kristoffer. They went swimming on the reef. Oskar tried with a real snorkel and mask for the first time.

8/2 All of us on tour with the green speedboat to Phi Phi Islands. First stop Ao Tonsai Pier were we could stretch our legs waking around the bay getting ice-cream etc.

After that the boat stopped at a cliff were we saw monkeys. We continued to Monkey Beach to moor and we could snorkel.

The boat stopped one more time for snorkeling and we sail up north to a nature reserve and got lunch. The boat passed by birds nest caves. We were al tired when we sailed home. It had been an eventful day.

9/9 Last day. How fast time goes when you enjoy being with your family. Lars, Frederik, Jeanne, and Kristoffer went on tour with long-tail boat for snorkeling. They were picked up at the resort bye a pickup truck driven them to Old Town were the boat waited. They could snorkel at one spot. I had the pleasure to visit Winni and Jørgen and had a discreet swim in there private pool with Oskar and Olivia. Lars and I did not swim in the pools in Chade resort because we had to pay 1000 THB=208 DKK per person per day to use the pools. We thought it was way to much. We all had last dinner at the restaurant Chade. There were music and fire show and Oskar, 3 and a half year old, could hold the torch. So proud!

10/2 The Family flew home to Denmark. We went in to say farewell. They were al in the breakfast restaurant. We followed them to the taxi-bus. How quick two weeks had gone! Next time we will see them will be in June in Denmark, we thought, but it turned up to be July!

Putteri marina Malaysia 9/14-8/11-2018

09/11 Harbour office and immigration. Shop in local supermarket. At 15 hour we sail in to the harbour with Alexandra. Sven and Lisa helped us with the lines. Restaurant with Randivåg in the evening.

10/11 Sail to fuel dock and get diesel. It is 33°C. Elsebeth and Anders came mid day from Langkawi. Dinner with our Danish friends.

11/11 We got Elsebeth and Anders on Alexandra for coffee and cookies. After that we go shopping up-stares in the centre. In the evening we had nice food like steak and red wine at NZ restaurant. Long time seen.

12/11 Bus tour to Yohor with the rally and our Danish friends could join.

Ananas / Pineapple museum were I bought nice pineapple jam, chips and juice. We could see different kind of pineapple growing outside.

Mangrove park with long trails and monkeys. We went out to the most southerly point on mainland in south east Asia. Pictures were off cause taken.

Visit an historical house with a sultan still living there. Nice Lunch with dancer entertaining and a few speeches. We got a tour around the house and the nice son of sultan guided us.

Gala dinner with the sail Malaysia rally, in the evening with very good food and hot coffee. Before entering the room, were dinner were served, picture were taken on us. Unfortunately not digital photo. The air-conditioner worked hard to cool the room and almost everybody were freezing to death.

13/11 Taxi to big shopping centre with Elsebeth and Anders. After shopping clothes etc. we had Chinese lunch and ended up shopping for food the big way.

14/11 Our Danish friends leave for the airport very early but we take it easy because of a lot of rain. Next rally stop is Melaka and most of the boats sail today.

Sailing to Malaysia 7/11-8/11-2018

7/11 We fought that we should get diesel for the last money and sail at 9 a clock with the current with al the others but almost everybody had sailed when we got up and nobody told us the change of plan. We had to sail against the current almost the whole day and no wind so motoring. We had only 2 hours of current with us in the start. We finally, just before dark, find a place to anchor closed to Skybird and Henrietta and closed to Singapore strait. In the evening and beginning of night we had heavy rain, wind, thunder and lightening. It was difficult to fall asleep.

8/11 Up at 5:45. We sailed together with Skybird at 06:15. Henrietta was already gone. We pass Singapore strait in a good way following the rules for crossing. For a while we can see skyline Singapore. We get the current with us up the Yuhor strait. We keep on moving on the Singapore coastline but not to close. When getting closer to the bridges we move in to the middle of the strait. Exiting to sail under the two bridges, 25 m clearance. Now we are fairly close to the marina and can relax. We dropped the anchor in the harbour basin (20 MYR =33 dkk for anchoring) because the harbour was full. We went out and eat with Randivåg in the evening. Nice mussels, Leffe beer and mud cake.

Banda Bintan Telani and Bintan Resort Cakrawala for Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia farewell party 6/11-7/11 2018

6/11 We are sailing for motor but get some wind in the end. Finally we arrive to the end destination for Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia rally. We took the dingy in to the ferry terminal and got our check out Indonesia paper. It was very bad weather with lots of rain and wind. A shuttle bus took us to the resort for Indonesia farewell party. Unfortunately, at the start of the show not all rally sailors were there. We got nice food in a small air-conditioned restaurant. There were speeches and some of the men got traditional hats on. The show continued outside from a large stage in the heat. Lars and Max got a price for visiting all 20 destinations. The organizer forgot Sandi and Maria! Everybody got up dancing now with all sailors there and beautiful dancer.

Tanjung Pinang old city, Bintan island 2/11-5/11 2018

2/11 We sailed for motor, some hour for main and jib and then motoring again. At the Melin hotel we checked in. We explored the town and, with some of the others, we had dinner at a chines restaurant.

3/11 We delivered 14 kg laundry at the Melin hotel and did some shopping during the day. In the evening we had dinner at the seafood restaurant on the dock with other sailors. The popular lobsters were sold out but we got good seafood.

4/11 Tour by local boats to the island west of Bintan island, Penyengat. At the Melin hotel we got a shopping bag with gifts like scarf, dry bag, hat, T-shirt and toilet bag. Later on the day the dry-bag came to good use! At 9 a clock we went down to the local boats and get sailed over to Penyengat. We walked to an old culture house and got lunch there sitting on the floor. Bahasa Indonesia is a uniting language in Indonesia. The language come from this island. Sultan Haji was author to the first Malay grammar book and lived on the island. Afterwards we were driven, to and to, in a motorized rickshaw around the Island. We saw an old castle and a new renovated mosque. We walk up a hill and saw 2 cannon from a Portuguese fort. Up there they had Sunday market selling handicraft and something eatable, drinkable or toys. You could exchange money for market money, made of wood, and go shopping. It began raining and we harried down the hill and took protection at the cafe. When it almost had stopped raining we harried down to the harbor and find our boat for getting back to Bintan island. In the evening we had a nice dinner at the hotel. Afterword dancing.

5/11 Tour by bus to Buddhist temple. Also a Chinese village with a tree growing inside a small temple. The village were built on poles. We also saw a chines temple. You could go up the hill behind the temple. At last the bus took us to a shopping centre for provisioning and that was most appreciated.

Benan Island, Linga Regency 31/10-2/11

31/10 In the morning we sailed in to the pier and climbed up, the provisional ladder, to reach the pier at high tide. We walked to the beach were they had welcome party for us. As usual we got a box with goodies and water. There were important people, speeches, entertainment etc. We were also visiting a school. After Baking bread and relaxing on board we sailed in to the pier and joined in to dinner combined with Halloween party. As you can see there were creative dressing up! I think Raymond got help from a friend from the US? Cute!

1/11 We relax the whole day and work on the website.

Equator crossing 29-30/10 2018

29/10 Eventful night with anchor alarm and rain. Up 6:30, temperature 27.6 in the salon. Some difficult getting anchor up. We sail out of the bay 8:00. We are lucky having the current with us. At 9 a clock we pas a lot of fishing platforms made of bamboo with houses and two big fishing net on. You also have to look for poles in the water. We got rein a couple of times. We anchor next to Randivåg at the equator.

We were 16 people on-board Alexandra having sundowner celebrating equator crossing. The boats were Randivåg, Volo, Samara11, Joz 4, Ski Bird, Anemoz, Extra-pole. There were a lot of snacks and, at least, three brought a bottle of sparkling white so cheers to us all.

30/10 Before we left we took the dingy together, with Diane, to the equator monument. There were some steps up to a nice viewpoint. At 8a clock we hoist the dingy and the anchor and sail out of the bay with course towards Benan islands west coast. We had 2.6 knob current with us.

Penuba Selayar Island, Lingga Regency, 26-28/10 2018

25/10 2018, 6:30-18:30, Sailing to little island for pit stop together with Volo for motor and sail.

26/10 Continue for motor main sail and jib. Not much wind and very hot. We take the sail down and Lars try to get the motor on overdrive and it helps a little. We are 3NM after our friends.

27/10 We wake up outside a sea-gypsy fishing village. Six very cute kids in two outrigger canoes visited us. We gave them water and crackers. We visited the village with the other sailor that have shown up. We bought nice vegetables in the small village. Also nice café making pancakes. Lars got the program from one of the organisers and informed the other sailors on the VHF. Nice sundowner at Randivåg. At Alexandra we got nice Dutch herring with potatoes, bell pepper, and mayonnaise. That was, unfortunately, the last jar from Australia.

28/10 At 7:30 we get in with a dingy filled up with Susanne, Lisa and Sven to attend to a Sea-Gipsy wedding feast. We waited an hour for the three wedding couple to come by sea. The big stage was prepared for them. There were speeches, sermons, dances, local music and especially gipsy music preformed on traditional instruments. Lars and Sven represented the sailor and went on the stage were they got a traditional hat on and Lars said a few words on bhalf of the sailors. We got the usual box with water and snacks to survive in the heat. At the end we got good local food. Also visited stalls with nice handy-craft. We were happy having officials visited us on Alexandra in the afternoon.

Tanjung Persona Banka Island 21-26/10 2018

20/10 We sail 06:10 for motor because no wind. It was a long hot day, 30++, for motor except for a few ours on sail. The whole day Lars was on guard because we sailed on very law water level.

We anchor at 18:00 at Kar Barat Banka on 5 meter of water.

21/10 After a good night sleep we hoist the anchor at 6:40 and motored al the way to Tanjung Persona. We rested and now we got wind and later on big swells on the anchoredge. We went in and got help getting the dingy up on the beach.

22/10 We woke up after an unpleasant night at the anchorage. Many rally boats sail because of the swells from the east. We take the dingy in and arrange with a taxi to town to get net from telcomsel and supermarket. Back to Persona beach we get pancakes and chicken sandwich at the cafe in companies with Mark and Susan. Also good live music from Raymond practising with a young singer.

23/10 On the beach the whole day. We were welcomed on the red carpet by beautiful dancers. There were competition for the locals of making the best cake, vegetarian lunch, professional dancer and us dancing, dinner and music entertainment.

24/10 Bus-tour the whole day. Breakfast at a hotel high up were we could see our boats. We got nice vegetable and coffee or tea.

Next stop was Puri Tri Agung temple for the three religion Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism. It was situated high up and had a nice view.

Next stop was an animal park with hot springs etc. We got nice lunch there on personal expense. A few bathed in the pool and some biked around in the water. It was not a nice place for the animals.

Pantai Indah Batu Bedaun, coffee brake. Terracotta soldier copies mm. Turtle, 4 years old, sat out by Kiwisummer ´s oldest boy.

Coconut, fruit and t-shirts at the beach to all. Also dancing performed.

BBQ dinner at Ocean Resto and grill on the beach. Also music and dance. Nice end of an eventful stopover.

Toboali South Bangka island 17/10-20/10-2018

Sailing to Pel Sadai fishing village on Bangka island. We met a lot of fishing platforms of a kind we had not seen before. Anchor up 05:30 and arrive at 17:00.

18/10 Lars and some of the others sailed in to the dock and made an arrangement for a tour to Toboali with six people from Alexandra, Randivåg and Volo. First we visited a beach. We saw the tourist office with an exhibition of wooden lids for trays used when serving local food. Also visited a Chinese temple and old Dutch fort with trees growing inside. Also here a lot of buildings for making birds nests. We stopped for lunch in town.

Beautiful cliffs at the beach and boat building. Also nice paintings on the wall. Last stop at the beach was to look at a very big, beautiful stone formation. A stop at a pepper plantation were there time to also. We continued to an old tin mine. The workers had very bad working conditions. We were shocked. We came back to Pel Sadai late and went to town for bred before taking the dingy to the anchorage.

19/10 Next day we had Allure and Blue Rodger on the anchorage. They got the tour in the afternoon and we could relax on Alexandra. But first we had to attend the welcome party at the dock with Bupati and other important local people. We were served well prepared vegetables, and for early lunch good local food, while sitting on the ground and being entertained from the stage. There were some speeches, Bupati in English, and the other in bahasa. Patrick from Allure held a speech for us sailor and for that he received a model of a fishing-boat. Very sweet dressed up children and young people in there nicest dresses. Everybody wanted selfies with us. We felt very welcome.