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We left Oeiras harbour at 12 o’clock 3/9-2015 and was waved goodbye by Heike and Herwig Worlddancer2 (with family) on the cay. Hope to see them next year in south Caribbean. At 12:10 we hoisted the jib.  The swells were very high and it took some time before we got used to them. The wind was between 20-30 knots. Passing Cabo Espichel at 15 h. At midnight we finally get a sight of the moon behind dark clouds. At 04 h we rounded Cabo de Saao Vicente in darkness and half an hour later we rounded Ponta de Sagres. The two “Rock Protrusion”  looked firs-full in the dark and we had planned to pas them in daytime but we sailed to fast with jib only.

The wind disappeared so we started the motor at 7 o’clock when the sun got up. 08:19 the 4/9, 121 Nm sailed, we were moored at the reception cay and at 9 o’clock on the F-bridge with the help of to Dutch sailors. There were several boats with ARC flag mooring on the bridge. Some of them are waiting for crew to come from Sweden and The Netherlands. A walk to the Chandelier shop and  a Pingo supermarket was to overcome that day. In the evening we were luckily surprised to get a visit from the crew of Infenito, Sigmund and wife. They invited us on a guided tour by care, to the protruding rocks and up the Monchique mountains, the next day. After a good meal of Piripiri chicken we were soon back in the harbour downloading beautiful pictures.

Next day 6/9 we had to wash deck and cockpit. In every harbour we had seen men using tremendous amount of fresh water washing there boat at any time and we had not once since we left Denmark done that. The more dirty the more rewarding it is to enjoy sitting in the cockpit after it has endured such a ruff treatment. Airline tickets to Denmark from Grand Canaria in October were bought and we were feeling good with the fought of seeing the family and friends soon. A walk to the beach near the harbour, “Meia Praia”, and to a Pingo Supermarket, washing cloves, get the radar to work (Lars and Kristoffer) and a few pictures to this site (Lars) was also on the schedule for this day.

7/9; Tuesday the 8/9 were the perfect day to sail to Madeira so just one day left in Lagos and we had not seen the village jet so that would be today. We took the harbour bridge over to the other side of the river and the centre of town. We saw the beautiful ring-wall, beaches with rock and caves and I, finally, got  a crepe with ham and cheese and nice salad. In the evening Pingo shopping, homepage and cocking and preparing for the longest tour yet, Lagos to Maderia.



After staying in Porto for six nights we sailed out of the river Duoro Friday 28 August 2015 at 12 o’clock. We want to go for sail but there are not much wind. We make 17 Nm on 6 h and had to give up and start the motor and it was not turned of until 11 o’clock Saturday 29/8 when we launched the asymmetric spinnaker.

It was nice to go for sail after a dark cloady and foggy night with almost no sight of the moon and the stars.  We had a nice ride until 17 h when we got more wind and changed to jib. At 22 h we changed the jib with the asymmetric spinnaker and at 24 h jib instead. At this time we had a visit of a few dolphins, so lovely. At 24 h we started the motor while passing by the fashionable Cascais and Estoril lightened up and continued up the river Tejo for a little while to arrive in Oeiras Marina Lisbon at 2 o’clock Sunday 30/9 after sailing for 38 h and 169 Nm. We got good help to find a mooring, in the middle of the night, by a harbour officer passing by, calling the harbour marster. After sleeping late we had very good bred for breakfast delivered in the cockpit in the same way as in Porto but much better bred. We took a walk a long side the Rio Tejo to find a supermarket. Time for washing clothes by hand since it was windy and sunny weather for drying. The next day a tour with local train to the city passing Belem on the way. We went up too highest point and could see the “Avenida de Liberdad” below, and went down again to enjoy a drink in the shadow of the trees in the avenida.

In Alfama we found a local restaurant serving food for the working people in Lisboa on siesta time. Good fish dishes for less money but you had to bee patient. After that we whent up and down the more fancy Alfama hills than remembered it from 1978.

The next day I had a sick throat and an ear and an eye infection. Luckily we had a supply of ear-drops, and eye-drops on board. After staying in bed one day I was again on my feet walking to the supermarket and washing cloth (for free) and preparing for the trip to Lagos on the Algarve coast of southern Portugal.


Friday the 21/8-2015 we fuelled after waiting for an hour for the diesel in the harbour tank to settle after being filled up.  Therefore we got away later then planed, at 10:00, from these pleasant harbour to be. We had Punta Chanseira on Isla Sisarga Grande with lighthouse on our port side at 14 hour. Goodbye to Spain.  At 21:35 we set jib and main sail and enjoyed a beautiful sundown. At 22 hour the jib was rolled in and we kept the main up until 01:00 a clock. Unfortunately we had to go for motor the rest of the way to Porto and arrived there the 22/8 at 17 hour. We had some leftovers and took a walk along the Duoro river before going to bed.

The next day it was very windy so we relaxed and stayed aboard most of the time. In the evening we had a delicious birthday dinner at the small fishers village close to the harbour. Grilled Scrimp and squid and grilled (durade) fish and for the birthday-kid a Portuguese cheesecake (a lot cream) of .

We stayed for several days in Porto and got to see the town one day taking the mini ferry to the other side of the river and the tram to the centre of Porto.

Walking around in Porto is not for unfit persons because it is built on hills. We got a lot of excise and good training for Lisbon later on. Bachalau sandwich coffee and coke was the treat. The rest of the time we spent walking around in the area shopping in the local mini-market, sitting in the harbour office with good WiFi making bank business and home page. Also overheated 24 volt battery bank shifted out and shifted micro switch in pressure-state in fresh water pump. Try with a new antennae to HF radio. Now we were ready for Lisboa!