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Guernsey to Camaret sur mer France

133 Nm started in Guernsey 10:30 10/8-2015 and arrive 11:30 11/8 after 25 hour. We thought the forecast current was good with later on winds from north-east when we were going south-west. Unlucky again the wind and current against so a lot of boring motoring. After 2 hours we sat main sail with a reef and stay-sail and sailed upwind for 8 hours. We had haze and drizzle rain al day long. The rest of the sailing was motor and main with a reef. We moored, with nice help from French sailors, on the inside of the outer cay in Camaret sur mer, that did not show its best face because of the bad weather. A tourist attraction it is though, with a cemetery for old ships, an adorable little old church and a very popular place to fish from the cay. The village has a lot of restaurant and an artist-street. The sailing school is very active with optimists, hobycats and others.

Dieppe to Cherbourg in France

107,6 Nm started in Dieppe 9:30 5/8-2015 and arrived in Cherbourg around midnight after 14,5 hours. After a few hours the wind disappear so we had to go for motor. Lars tried fishing and got lots of as he thought was too small mackerels) and Maria worked out. Cherbourg have a large outer harbour so we thought it would be easy arriving during night but was the opposite because there was so many entrances to different harbours, so many lights. We easy moored on a waiting pontoon until next day when a nice harbour captain in a rib gave us a direction on where to moor. We got excellent help from a nice couple from England, Hamble river, to land and had a very nice stay in Cherbourg, mostly working on Alexandra but a nice guided walk threw the city and a sundowner with  Maggie and Tim was there time for.

Boulogne sur mer to Dieppe in France

53,6 Nm started in Boulogne 12:00 1/8-2015 and arrived in Dieppe 22.00 after 10 hours of sailing. After calling the harbour we got permission to enter the harbour (they have a ferry priority) and while the marine did not answer we moored at the end of one of the pontoon bridges. Next morning we were advised another place further in. It was magical to come in to Dieppe in the night with the harbour lighted up, on high tide, following the fisherman’s hard work running the steep stairway up the cay and arranging to hoist up the big basket with today’s catch of fish. For the first time since we left Denmark we had a great meal of Moules mariné a frit at one of the many restaurent on the cay. The coastline, with the stony beach to overcome before reaching the sand and water, was beautiful and a Mecca for the inhabitants of Dieppe. A somewhat dangerous bike-ride to the outskirts of the village gave no results concerning boat equipments but a large supermarket could fill our bike bags with good French food.

Scheveningen The Netherlands to Boulogne sur mer in France

130,6 Nm started in Scheveningen 06:30 30/7-2015 and arrived in Boulogne-sur -mer 07:30 31/7-2015 after 25 hours. The first 2 hours sailing for motor upwind with very high waves, were not nice at all. Happily we could set sail and we had wonderful sailing all the way to Boulogne. After sunset we enjoyed the moon and the stars along the French cost the whole night. Sailing into the harbour was easy and we mourned on a floating bridge like al the other places here in northern France and excellent help from a Belgian sailor. Six meter low tide was amazing and we decided not to go to bed but take the steep gangway up and the bridge over to the village and get baguette at a boulangerie and delicious Rochefort cheese at a fromagerie to enjoy for breakfast on board. Very good harbour with fine service like a recycling station close by, so we could get rid of special oil waste, cans, plastic, hard paper. Also very helpful when we should tank diesel next day at 11 hour at high tide. We needed high tide in order not to hit some dangerous rocks near the fuel station.