Maintenence and retro fittings Winter and spring 2015

The year two-thousand fifteen started well for us because we managed to sell our beautiful Luffe-37 in end of January. Also managed to get our house for 30 years on sale. Now  we could begin seriously plan for our departure. For the first all our sails were delivered to Elvstrøm sail in Nivå for a check up / repair and we had a  discussion about having a stay-sail (kutter sejl)  maid for Alexandra.

A weekend in January we attended FTLF (Danish sailing club for encurageing long distant sailing) winter course in long distant sailing / ocean sailing.

Later on we ordered top-down furling for the asymmetric (reacher) and a furler for the stay sail (kutter sejl). Two Andersen Electric  winches were also ordered. The latter was given Lars a difficult job installing the two  very heavy motores in the aft cabins, but it turned out well. We  are waiting for the precisely mecherd, expensive, electrical wire to arrive so we can get the winches on power.

Also the old B&G autopilot stopped  working when we got home to Danmark with Alexandra so we ordered a new set of B&G aotopilot and wind instruments. It was a long and tedious work to get all of the old instrument out, and not forget to mention, getting al old electrical cables out. Worst of all was the radar cable from 1989 because it was so thick.

The digital compas was first on place. To be able to installe the spead / depth transducer we had to have Alexandra  on the hard in the near by harbour, Fiskeri havnen, where Grayham made a perfect installation of the transducer. First though the bow got a cleanup and after it dried Lars could anti foul part of the bow and the rudder.

The 18 years old standing rig were discarded for a completely new rig at Selden in Humlebæk. The mast and the boom were taken down 11/2 and they returned opgraded 31/3-q. Also a boom cradle were designed and produced by a blacksmith in North Sjælland and was mounted on the boom at Selden rigger.

Look at the galley here;

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