Philosophy of redundancy

If cruising in Pacific waters outside the hurricane season for up to 6 months, a yacht has to be self supporting and resilient to all conditions. Therefore on board of Alexandra none of the vital systems can be a ‘single point of failure’. This means there is always at least one backup/secondary system available when the main/primary system fails.

Multiple systems are:

  • 4 independent GPS receivers (Leica, Thrane/Thrane, Magellan Meridian and Pioneer)
  • 2 fully independent ways of position information (GPS, Sextant)
  • 3 compasses (B&G halcyon, Navico, Sestrel Moore)
  • 4 ways of weather information (Inmarsat-C, Pactor SSB, weather fax, voice SSB)
  • 2 barometers (1 barograph, 1 clock
  • 3 brass shipclocks
  • 3 VHF transceivers (Skanti, Kenwood, handheld Furuno)
  • 3 SSB voice receivers (Loewe, Debeg, Lokata)
  • 3 laptops for navigation (2 with TRANSAS and CMAP) (note: only 1 laptop included in sale)
  • 2 ways of e-mail connection on high seas (Inmarsat-C, Pactor SSB)
  • 4 AM/FM receivers (Loewe, 2x Pioneer, Lokata)
  • 2 satelite emergency beacons (Inmarsat-C, 406 EPIRB)
  • 2 ways of emergency flares (Flaregun, handheld flares)
  • 4 diffent bilgepumps (Automatic electric, manual, high volume Jabsco, bailing buckets)
  • 2 autopilots (B&G Helmstar, Navico WP5000)
  • 2 speed sensors (B&G impellor, B&G sonic speed)
  • 3 independent depth sounders (B&G Hydra330, Interphase color sounder, leadline)
  • manual steering by steering wheel, emergency tiller or Helmstar740 power steering
  • 5 ways of battery charging (Yanmar alternators, 2x 220V chargers, solar power, towing generator)
  • multiple ways of starting Yanmar and Westerbeke (emergency parallel switch, startercables)
  • 2 fridges (75, 90 ltr) and a separate 75 ltr freezer
  • 2 heads (electric and manual)
  • 3 showers (each with mixing tap)
  • 5 ways of cooking (220V ceramic, LPG burners, microwave, fan forced oven, LPG barbeque)
  • 2 aluminium 6 kg LPG tanks
  • Hot water cylinder (60 ltr) is heated either by 220V power and/or main engine coolant
  • 3 separate water tanks (180, 170, 220 liters)
  • 2 ways of  fresh water replenishment (desalinator, water catchments)
  • 2 separate dieselfuel tanks (2x 350 liters)
  • manual and automatic electric fuel transferpump to refill the fuel daytank
  • 2 separate 150 ltr blackwater tanks (each with macerator pump and crossover connection)
  • 3 anchors (75 lbs CQR, 15 lbs Fortress, Danfort)
  • 2 control units for anchorwinch (switchable forward/aft)
  • 2 ways of electric hoisting of mainsail (mastwinch motor, anchorwinch capstan via snapblock)
  • 3 ways of closing and locking companion way (closed hatch, plexiglas, ventilation hatch)
  • 2 ways of MOB signalling (float with flag, dan buoy with automatic light)

2 thoughts on “Philosophy of redundancy

    1. Maria Hammer

      It is important to have an extra system of all vital systems. We were happy having an extra autopilot several times when the main autopilot broke done.


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