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Shelter Bay Marina, Panama

Early in the morning 13/4 we left Portobelo for to sail to Colon and the security check at 9 o’clock on the Flat, an anchorage, close to the Panama channel. Alexandra was measured to be 14.88 (In 1999 14.6) and passed the check to go through the channel.

We sailed to Shelter Bay Marina and Alexandra came on the hard the 20/4 and just after that Ivar arrived from Denmark. Ivar was unlucky coming to work in the heat (34°C) on Alexandra rinsing and painting the hull.

Cruisers net in Shelter Bay was very good arranging pot-luck diner, music and dance evening, helping us to get line holders and informing us about the bus to Colon and Panama situation. Thanks Sue. The old fort Sherman in Shelter Bay was used of the Americans to protect there interest until 2000 when the Panamanians took over there own channel. In the jungle there lives monkeys. We were lucky to come to see one.