Preparation before leaving Trapani

Upgrading of equipment

Some of the navigation equipment has to be upgraded or changed with new.

  • A new used inmarsat TT-3026 has been purchased and have to be tested before we are leaving for Trapani. This is at the same time a GPS backup.
  • two identical portable computers are being installed with identical software for Communication, navigation, logbook and weather analysis
  • The AIS receiver are being tested in-order find out if it works. If it does not work a new one will be purchased
  • NMEA-0183 multiplexers will be purcahsed in-order to feed all relevant information into the computers via USB

From Dutch to Danish

There is a lot of planning before we can sail from Trapani in  Sicily to Holland in April 2014. Alexandra is going to be Danish, witch means that all registrations has to be transferred from Dutch to Danish.

  • Weapons licence for the flaregun (with exports and import permission)
  • Ships registration in FTLF
  • Radio callsign and MMSI numbers
  • EPIRB registration
  • Inmarsat-C airtime provider

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  1. Kirsten Agesen

    Kære Lars og Maria
    Sikke en vidunderlig båd Jeg ønsker Jer en lykkelig og eventyrlig jordomrejse
    Hvis I skulle støde ind i nogle helbredsmæssige problemer undervejs er I velkomne til at kontakte mig om jeg evt kan give et råd med på vejen Enten på mail eller tlf + 45 20 82 60 66
    Mange hilsner Kirsten Agesen og good luck


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