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Pacific Crossing – Sailing to Fatu Hiva

Pacific Ocean crossing From Santa Cruz Galapagos to Fatu Hiva. Marquises, French Polynesia 22/6-12/7 2016
20 days and 13h 39 min., 3027.2 NM, best distance per day 200.6 NM, COG avg. 6.3 max 9.3, TWS avg. 14.09 TWS max. 28.8 knots.

Due to our warned out sails we could not sail the way we wanted. We did not reef the poorly repaired main sail so ivor up, without reef, or down under the whole crossing. Our asymmetric spinnaker had a serious damage from the ARC-Atlantic Crossing were we, with 6 person on-board, maximized our speed with the sails. We have not been able to get it repaired.

We had lot of wind al the way but hoped for lesser wind so Lars could go down and cut the fishing-line, we caught a few days after leaving Galapagos, free of the propeller.

Our philosophy about the crossing was to have as good conditions on board as possible though we were just to persons, and not look at the time being spent.

The SSB radio were on, several times a day, talking to Karsten in Panama (thank you so much for weather forcast in Danish), Ben in Panama on The Pacific net and our own created group with MaryAnnII and Coolrunnings.

Sometimes on days with lesser swells you moved around cocking, cleaning, baking bred and cookies, washing clothes you felt relaxed and enjoying being out there. Lars finally got started playing the guitar and I enjoyed listening. Also more detailed plans for the next 4 years of sailing were there time for.

Repairer on the way: With GoPro film the fishing line on the propeller 5/7. Measurement for new sail to Thomas 4/7, strop to main sail sawed back on 5/7, new comutato coal on cooling water pump, problems with furling the jib 9/7, new (old) motor to fresh water pump, servicing the generator so it could run again 12/7.

We had dolphins visiting us a couple of times and when we came closer to land the beautiful boobies came flying.

Cargoship from Kiribiri passes Alexandra 27/6. Fishing-boats from Korea 10/7 and also fishing-boats from Japan and China are seen..

On the 7/7 we had a beautiful Mai Mai on the hook but it managed to get away. Finally on the 10/7 we get a tuna on the hook. It gave us to nice meals during the passage.

The 12/7 at 16h we tacked into the very beautiful bay of Hanavave, Fatu Hiva. We were met by sailors from the bay leaded by Tasha from Cheeki Monkey asking us if we needed help. We said that we had too sail in under sail and drop the anchor as we drop the mainsail. They did not like the spot we had chosen. Finally we reached the good spot, but when releasing the main halyard, it did not come down. The halyard was stack in the mast. Now we got al these nice people on board except Ryan that kept running his rib sidewise Alexandra. On third attempt to drop the anchor al went well and we were finally safely anchored in Marquises after over 20 days on the Pacific Ocean. Lost of thanks to al of you that helpt us.

Going to Galapagos

23-30/5 2016, 7 days and 13,5h, 1016 NM, best distance per 24h153,5 NM, Speed Avg. 5.6 kts, Speed Max. 7.7 kts, TWS Avg. 10.7 kts, TWS Max. 22.1 kts.

Upwind sailing, with different wind and current strength al the way, and a leek of water threw the forward hatch to the anchor storage, because it was not closet correctly. We sailed with a combination of motor and different sail. The mainsail had a big rift that Lars and Ivar tried to repair in Balboa but unfortunately it did not hold in this tough conditions. Good things happened too. On the third day we were visited by a lot of dolphins, for the first time on the Pacific. Also close to San Cristobal we had a couple of whales passing by and several amazing large stingray jumping for us. Galapagos Boobies flue around Alexandra night and days the last 24 hour. At 21 h 30/5 we sailed in to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno on San Cristobal and dropped the anchor.