Maintenance in Opua, New Zealand


Two new steering wire.

Aft part of the life line exchanged for a new one.

Rig check; two sheaves in the top of the mast for the to main halyard shifted out with new once. Toggle on SB lower shroud (undervandt) shifted out with a new one.

Boom goose neck repaired.

Running backstage shifted with Dynema backstage.

11 new blocks.

B&G Autopilot

Autopilot computer, log, depths sounder and temperature was exchanged for new once on the warranty.

Alexandra on the hard 13/2-22/2-2017: anti fouling the underwater hull and polish the free-board and coach roof. We had two days of rain when we could not work on the hull.

Yanmar repair: high pressure pump and injection nozzles dismounted and sent to Auckland for to be repaired 7/3-17. The parts got installed 27-29/4. Sea trial with Dogh 29/4-17. Al is good.

Westerbeke repair: High pressure pump and injection nozzles dismounted 8/3-17 and sent to Auckland for to be repaired. Doug start to work on the generator by installing the high pressure pump the 30/4 but give up so the 9/5 we start to remove the old generator with the help of Dougs friend Rob and Bob from Icarus. Thank you two so much!

New generator get moved on place, after we had cleaned up and installed new aluminum beam specially made at Rigs and Spars, on the 13/5, with help from Rob and Mathias from Hungary who sail on Logic. Thank you so much!

Deck: Lars scrape, sand, prime, fill, sand, paint (after putting tape around), white and at last paint kiwi-grib on 1/3 of the deck, in front.

Fridge and freezer boxes: Remove old insulation material in the openings and scrape and paint, fill until even and sand and paint. New insulation thin and thick around the lids.

Two new speaker in the cockpit to the stereo and a new speaker to the HF radio. HF speaker fasten under the dog-house.

Two new LED lamp in the cockpit

Solar panel: Two new solar panels for the 24 volt installed on top of the Bimini. After the old electrical wire to the old controller was taken out new electrical wire from solar panel to a new controller could be drawn. Water proof stick was used to connect the electrical wire with the solar panels.

SSB/HAM radio: Electrical wire from antennae tuner to isolated backstage changed to a GTO-15. Hans, from Cater Marina, helped to see wrong doing in the setup in Airmail, so now the program works. We can send and get emails by using SSB radio!!

Deck: salt water deck-wash bought but not installed so Maria wash with saltwater from a bucket hopefully not for a long time.

Toilet for: New electrical toilet installed during last week in Opua

Toilet aft: New macerate pump installed during last week in Opua.