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ARC Start

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

When ready to leave Marina de Santa Cruz, early in the morning, we called the harbor and the night guard came to the boat and exchanged the harbor key cards to EUR. Good service. Upwind sailing most of the day took us to Gran Canaria. We moored at the pontoon at the reception because it was Sunday and no harbor attendants around. We took a nice walk around the harbor and looked at the big boats mooring on the east key, Dique Este.


The next morning we were ordered to move to the R pontoon, mooring 8, on the north key, Contradique Norte. We had to very intense weeks trying to make Alexandra as good as possible before our good friends Lene and Bjarne arrived. Empty aft cabins, making drawers for the galley, washing clothes cleaning up etcetera.

Lars used a day to try to fix the outboard Yamaha but it was Bjarne that fixed it later on. We were lucky to spend some time with the Swedes from EOS and got a lot of good advice from the to very experienced, once around the world, sailor. Also time to join the other Scandinavian sailor at the sailors bay (bar) every Friday at 20 h. Here we got a lot of advice from very competent sailors some of them who had sailed single-handed around the world.

A tour home to Denmark to see the family and friends (not enough time) and empty our house, while Lene and Bjarne took care of Alexandra on the best way, have we also done.

Last week we had a very appreciated visit from Sweden by my brother Stefan end his wife Affi. We enjoyed bathing at the very nice Playa de Canteras and meals and drinks at restaurants and on Alexandra.

We have made check in at ARC office, helicopter rescue demonstration, sad goodbye to ARC+ (we miss them, especially the Odyssey crew) on a party arranged by the city, have been through security check (had to by another radar reflector to our aluminium boat!).

We have also enjoyed our first sundowner with the ARC. Not forget to mention our tour with the dingy to the start of the ARC+. It was a lot of fun. Now we look forward to have the family here soon and also the “pro sailor crew” arriving at the 14, 15 and 19/11!