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Santa Cruz Again

Santa Cruz 19/6-22/6 2016

Isabela to Santa Cruz 46.5 SM
We had to get back to Santa Cruz for to get Lars canon lens at DHL mandag 20/6 and Ivar on a plain home to Denmark 21/6. Measure for a new Elvsrøm mainsail and jib 20/6, inspecting the rig and getting diesel from the son of Irene. Nice street kitchen seafood plate were there time for the last evening with Ivar.

Santa Cruz

Isla Santa Cruz 8/6-13/6 2016

After a nice day of sailing jib and motor (43.4 NM, 6.4h, 5.5avg, 7.7max, wind 6.6avg 10.3max) we reached Isla Santa Cruz and Baya Academia, Puerto Ayora. Irene, Bolivars agent at Santa Cruz, came with the papers at 16 hour and we took a taxi-boat in to the city for a nice meal and wi-fi.

Darwin centre the next day was a nice waking tour from the harbour. On the way back to the village we find ODS a very find internet café serving cappuccino, fresh made fruit juice and yoghurt ice-cream per g. I had to sit with Darwin.

The next day we took a water-taxi across the harbour and a long walk took us to “Las Grietas” with to lava giant walls forming a tunnel with brackish water on top mixing with seawater deep down were we could snorkel and enjoy the fish in the could water. After that we stop at Playa de los Alemanes and snorkelled for a while in the flat not so clear water, looking at a lot of small fish.

A tour by taxi up north to los Gemelos with the huge volcanic craters, Lava Tunnels and El Chato were we could walk around with the giant tortoises. Back in town and after a 5$ budget lunch we had a nice fruit juice at Zayapa and a chat with the owner Liset.

Taxi to Tortuga Bay entrance and a long walk to the beach the next day. We were a little disappointed of the water that was muddy and unclear, but safe to bathe in. A little protected water hole had a lot of nice fish to look at. Due to the heavy swells and under current you could not bathe at the large beautiful beach that you pasted by to reach the other but surfers enjoyed it immense there.