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Dieppe to Cherbourg in France

107,6 Nm started in Dieppe 9:30 5/8-2015 and arrived in Cherbourg around midnight after 14,5 hours. After a few hours the wind disappear so we had to go for motor. Lars tried fishing and got lots of as he thought was too small mackerels) and Maria worked out. Cherbourg have a large outer harbour so we thought it would be easy arriving during night but was the opposite because there was so many entrances to different harbours, so many lights. We easy moored on a waiting pontoon until next day when a nice harbour captain in a rib gave us a direction on where to moor. We got excellent help from a nice couple from England, Hamble river, to land and had a very nice stay in Cherbourg, mostly working on Alexandra but a nice guided walk threw the city and a sundowner with  Maggie and Tim was there time for.