Boulogne sur mer to Dieppe in France

53,6 Nm started in Boulogne 12:00 1/8-2015 and arrived in Dieppe 22.00 after 10 hours of sailing. After calling the harbour we got permission to enter the harbour (they have a ferry priority) and while the marine did not answer we moored at the end of one of the pontoon bridges. Next morning we were advised another place further in. It was magical to come in to Dieppe in the night with the harbour lighted up, on high tide, following the fisherman’s hard work running the steep stairway up the cay and arranging to hoist up the big basket with today’s catch of fish. For the first time since we left Denmark we had a great meal of Moules mariné a frit at one of the many restaurent on the cay. The coastline, with the stony beach to overcome before reaching the sand and water, was beautiful and a Mecca for the inhabitants of Dieppe. A somewhat dangerous bike-ride to the outskirts of the village gave no results concerning boat equipments but a large supermarket could fill our bike bags with good French food.

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