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Guernsey to Camaret sur mer France

133 Nm started in Guernsey 10:30 10/8-2015 and arrive 11:30 11/8 after 25 hour. We thought the forecast current was good with later on winds from north-east when we were going south-west. Unlucky again the wind and current against so a lot of boring motoring. After 2 hours we sat main sail with a reef and stay-sail and sailed upwind for 8 hours. We had haze and drizzle rain al day long. The rest of the sailing was motor and main with a reef. We moored, with nice help from French sailors, on the inside of the outer cay in Camaret sur mer, that did not show its best face because of the bad weather. A tourist attraction it is though, with a cemetery for old ships, an adorable little old church and a very popular place to fish from the cay. The village has a lot of restaurant and an artist-street. The sailing school is very active with optimists, hobycats and others.