Tanjung Pinang old city, Bintan island 2/11-5/11 2018

2/11 We sailed for motor, some hour for main and jib and then motoring again. At the Melin hotel we checked in. We explored the town and, with some of the others, we had dinner at a chines restaurant.

3/11 We delivered 14 kg laundry at the Melin hotel and did some shopping during the day. In the evening we had dinner at the seafood restaurant on the dock with other sailors. The popular lobsters were sold out but we got good seafood.

4/11 Tour by local boats to the island west of Bintan island, Penyengat. At the Melin hotel we got a shopping bag with gifts like scarf, dry bag, hat, T-shirt and toilet bag. Later on the day the dry-bag came to good use! At 9 a clock we went down to the local boats and get sailed over to Penyengat. We walked to an old culture house and got lunch there sitting on the floor. Bahasa Indonesia is a uniting language in Indonesia. The language come from this island. Sultan Haji was author to the first Malay grammar book and lived on the island. Afterwards we were driven, to and to, in a motorized rickshaw around the Island. We saw an old castle and a new renovated mosque. We walk up a hill and saw 2 cannon from a Portuguese fort. Up there they had Sunday market selling handicraft and something eatable, drinkable or toys. You could exchange money for market money, made of wood, and go shopping. It began raining and we harried down the hill and took protection at the cafe. When it almost had stopped raining we harried down to the harbor and find our boat for getting back to Bintan island. In the evening we had a nice dinner at the hotel. Afterword dancing.

5/11 Tour by bus to Buddhist temple. Also a Chinese village with a tree growing inside a small temple. The village were built on poles. We also saw a chines temple. You could go up the hill behind the temple. At last the bus took us to a shopping centre for provisioning and that was most appreciated.

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