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Sailing to Sri Lanka From Chalong bay Phuket Thailand 7/3-14/3-2019

Time used 7 days 06:30h, Distant 1030.2 NM, avg distant per day 114.5 best distance per day 210.7 NM, SOG in kts 5.4 kts avg, 8.5 kts max, TWA 101.9 avg, TWS in kts 7.85 avg, 20.7 max.

07/3 Day one. Anchor up at 7 a clock. We hoisted main and jib after getting free of Thailand. Blue sky and hot with a nice breeze. We sail upwind 7 knots. Dinner fried chicken breast with rise coal-slow and mango chutney. Eager to use the last internet for many days.

08/3 Day 2. Wind 6.6, speed 5.1. At 08:00 Lars talked with Tommy on SSB. I cleaned gas stove thoroughly. Left shoulder and arm hurt a lot (because of cleaning the hull a short time!?). Lars give massage. Dinner trout (tender steamed), potatoes, carrots, honey/muster and cowl-slow. Lars send text message, on the sat phone, to the boys like he will every day now.

09/3 Day 3. Wake up call at 04:35 in Sombrero Chanel Nicobar islands. It is still dark and stars. Sun rise at 7 Thailand time. Still hurting a lot. Dinner fish sticks potatoes coal-slow and cucumber.

10/3 Day 4. Cargo ship from south is getting closer on Maria’s watch and pass on Lars’s. 02:40 Maria get of watch after getting a sandwich with Swedish Allerum cheese and Lars goat cheese. Called Tommy on SSB at 8 a clock and hear him perfectly. Lars on the helm if auto pilot goes out. We run generator and water-maker for an hour. Lars finish his book and I continue with The silent American, Graham Green. At 17 hour tapas: black olive, goat feta, artichoke hart, duck pate and salty crackers. Dinner duck breast and mie goreng. SMS to the boys. Energy fail 12 volt so hand steer and start the generator on my watch with help from Lars. Trawler pass by. Generator run 23-24 hour.

11/3 Day 5. Lars have measured on the 12 volt batteries and they are okay. I got power drop on my watch and had to start the generator. TWD 043 E downwind 5.4 knots wind 7.6 knots. At 03 run generator on Lars watch. 04 start motor and drop the main and role in the jib. Now 12 volt battery get charged, 13.2. We sail 6.3 for motor alone and 4-5 knots of wind. Talked to Tommy at 8 a clock. Nice lunch with ham and salami. Time for cleaning up kitchen drawers. Sat sail again and after a while stop the motor. We sailed 6.7 knots. A fishing boat comes very close to Alexandra and Lars start the motor. They want to sell fish and coconuts out on the ocean. We had to speed up and get away from them. Tapas like yesterday and Thai fish sticks and mash potatoes for dinner. Sundown when we sail 5.2 wind 8.3 from NE 035, temp 30.6 in the salon.

12/3 Day 6. Tough night watch looking for fishing ship. One 20 NM south of us. Slept like a hard from 5 to 8 in the morning when I then talked to Tommy. They still wait for a good weather window to the Maldives. We could speed up and get in tomorrow evening. Instead we slow down and get in

the 14th in the morning. Another fishing boat get close to us today. They shouted to us asking for cigarettes. Lars sat local Sri Lanka time on navigation PC. After tapas served with coca cola motor gets turned of and we sail 6 knots. We passes the place with a lot of AIS but no boats.

13/3 Day 7. Woke up Lars when a fishing boat got close to us and when I accidentally closed the autopilot. Also when we needed to tack I had to wake Lars up. Difficult to here Tommy on the SSB. Still hurting right shoulder and hand. We tack back and fourth and a cargo ship pass bay on the way north. Then we are happy having many dolphins along side Alexandra. The wind disappear and we start the motor. Tapas. For dinner Lars made “Hakkebøff med løg” (ground beef and tender fried yellow onion) and potatoes.