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Tanjung Persona Banka Island 21-26/10 2018

20/10 We sail 06:10 for motor because no wind. It was a long hot day, 30++, for motor except for a few ours on sail. The whole day Lars was on guard because we sailed on very law water level.

We anchor at 18:00 at Kar Barat Banka on 5 meter of water.

21/10 After a good night sleep we hoist the anchor at 6:40 and motored al the way to Tanjung Persona. We rested and now we got wind and later on big swells on the anchoredge. We went in and got help getting the dingy up on the beach.

22/10 We woke up after an unpleasant night at the anchorage. Many rally boats sail because of the swells from the east. We take the dingy in and arrange with a taxi to town to get net from telcomsel and supermarket. Back to Persona beach we get pancakes and chicken sandwich at the cafe in companies with Mark and Susan. Also good live music from Raymond practising with a young singer.

23/10 On the beach the whole day. We were welcomed on the red carpet by beautiful dancers. There were competition for the locals of making the best cake, vegetarian lunch, professional dancer and us dancing, dinner and music entertainment.

24/10 Bus-tour the whole day. Breakfast at a hotel high up were we could see our boats. We got nice vegetable and coffee or tea.

Next stop was Puri Tri Agung temple for the three religion Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism. It was situated high up and had a nice view.

Next stop was an animal park with hot springs etc. We got nice lunch there on personal expense. A few bathed in the pool and some biked around in the water. It was not a nice place for the animals.

Pantai Indah Batu Bedaun, coffee brake. Terracotta soldier copies mm. Turtle, 4 years old, sat out by Kiwisummer ´s oldest boy.

Coconut, fruit and t-shirts at the beach to all. Also dancing performed.

BBQ dinner at Ocean Resto and grill on the beach. Also music and dance. Nice end of an eventful stopover.