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´╗┐Banda Bintan Telani and Bintan Resort Cakrawala for Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia farewell party 6/11-7/11 2018

6/11 We are sailing for motor but get some wind in the end. Finally we arrive to the end destination for Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia rally. We took the dingy in to the ferry terminal and got our check out Indonesia paper. It was very bad weather with lots of rain and wind. A shuttle bus took us to the resort for Indonesia farewell party. Unfortunately, at the start of the show not all rally sailors were there. We got nice food in a small air-conditioned restaurant. There were speeches and some of the men got traditional hats on. The show continued outside from a large stage in the heat. Lars and Max got a price for visiting all 20 destinations. The organizer forgot Sandi and Maria! Everybody got up dancing now with all sailors there and beautiful dancer.