Sailing to Malaysia 7/11-8/11-2018

7/11 We fought that we should get diesel for the last money and sail at 9 a clock with the current with al the others but almost everybody had sailed when we got up and nobody told us the change of plan. We had to sail against the current almost the whole day and no wind so motoring. We had only 2 hours of current with us in the start. We finally, just before dark, find a place to anchor closed to Skybird and Henrietta and closed to Singapore strait. In the evening and beginning of night we had heavy rain, wind, thunder and lightening. It was difficult to fall asleep.

8/11 Up at 5:45. We sailed together with Skybird at 06:15. Henrietta was already gone. We pass Singapore strait in a good way following the rules for crossing. For a while we can see skyline Singapore. We get the current with us up the Yuhor strait. We keep on moving on the Singapore coastline but not to close. When getting closer to the bridges we move in to the middle of the strait. Exiting to sail under the two bridges, 25 m clearance. Now we are fairly close to the marina and can relax. We dropped the anchor in the harbour basin (20 MYR =33 dkk for anchoring) because the harbour was full. We went out and eat with Randivåg in the evening. Nice mussels, Leffe beer and mud cake.

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