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It took two days and 10:45 h, on the 15-17/8-2015,  to cross over the huge Biscay bay and reach La Coruña in Spain. At 8:03 we sail out from the outer cay of Camaret-sur-mer after fuelling 2 times 200 Litre diesel. Thank`s to the men catching squids that help us moor at the fuel-station. From the start we struggled with heavy swells and it continued the first 24 h. After one hour we set main and jib and sail for 1½ hour before the wind turned more against so we rolled in the jib and took a reef in mainsail and had to start the engine. The nature were ruff and beautiful at the same time as we rounded the last cliffs of Brittany. Soon there were water, and only water, as long as we could see for 2 days. We had seen a couple of  sailing-boats heading out the same way and at 17:30 we got a VHF call from” Just So” that wanted very much to have us taking a picture of the boat going for gennaker. We were to far a way but “Infinito” were closer to take pictures. Now we were three boats out there having contact and it was nice (AIS / VHF). Later on a we got contact with a Dutch boat also. Before sundown we got visit of a couple of dolphins at a start and a lot of them after a while. So beautiful animals. We decided to enjoy seeing them jumping and diving around the bow, so no pictures or movies were taken. Twice a day we send mail home to our to sons, using Inmersat. We wanted to be able to have contact with our sons durring the passage of the Biscay. The second 24 h was not much fun because of misty and foggy weather and no sight of the Dolphins. Most of the time we could see at least to of the three boats following us. 01:19 the second night we met a sail-boat on the opposite direction and he flashed at us and I was unhappy for not being prepared to flash back. The third morning at 9:30 we could see land , Galicia, in Espania.  Suddenly it cleared up and we could see the other three boats heading for La Coruña. Unfortunately one of the boat got coaght in a fishing net and called us for help on the VHF. We turned around but “K’Dans” was closer and dragged the unlucky sailing-boat al the way to La Coruña. Afterwards, in the harbour, it was nice to meet al the people from the boats. Next day a diver cleared the boat from the net and we got some net for fruits and vegetables.