Bau Bau, Buton Island, South Sulawesi 31/8-3/9

31/8-3/9 Bau Bau, Buton Island, South Sulawesi for anchor. We were going with a bus to oyster farm, pearl harvesting and a village that harvest and dry kelp / seaweed. The latter village people offer us delicious newly fried bananas and sweet potatoes with water. Later on we got traditional lunch, that was rice, chicken, fish and vegetables. On the way back to town we stopped at a family factory making chines concrete garden decorations. Also we passed beautiful rice fields.

1/9 Bau Bau for anchor. Bus tour to village were we could enjoy seeing mend dressed up as musketeers dancing handling swards and flags and teenager doing traditional sport and play using coconut shells and sea shells. Afterwords we got traditional lunch. We visited a village were women were weaving beautiful textiles. A very colourful village were visited and we got the story. If there were advertising on the house they got the paint for free from Glotex. We saw a little museum showing traditional ceramics while old men played traditional music. Also, we came home to two old ladies ceramic shop and could see how they, by hand, made traditional ceramics.

Up at the fort we saw Sultan houses and spectacular wedding dresses we could try. Up on the fort the guides surprised with a beautiful birthday cake to Lisa and we all sang accompanied by Salam on guitar. Street kitchen and, very important, visit a seldom existing bear and liqueur shop. We had our meal together with the other at the hotel. Sean, from Ireland SY Chevaldy, entertained us playing on our guide SalamĀ“s guitar, after used some time to tune it. One of the lovely female guide could really sing! It was a nice evening.

2/9 Bau Bau for anchor. Bus to marked in Korea village. There is a sign written in Korean but when reading it it sounded like Indonesian. Strange. Afterwords the bus took us to Pine tree Park were we got lunch. Unhappily there was a lot of trash from people using the lovely park! Finally the bus went to a very popular beach. Not many of the local people went into the water and if they did they had the clothes on. The children loved to sob in the water. Some of us sailor went into the water. No reef but fish on some stones. Coming up we got nice fruit. After eating dinner at the Italian restaurant we sad goodbye to Salaam, Raymond and the photographer. We have had so many experiences sailing to Buton island, visiting many villages and a town on the island.

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