Buton South, South Sulawesi 27/8-30/8 2018

27/8 We sailed to Buton south for motor 08-12:00. We drop the anchor but soon we had to re anchor because we were drifting. At 17 hour sundowner at Volo and Randiv├ąg is suddenly drifting and Sven and Lisa had to go fast back to the yacht and re anchor.

28/8 We sail to Bau Bau after trying to anchor using fishing boats moorings that failed. We went for motor and jib and it took 4 hoers. We anchor close to Extrapol outside a hotel. They had arranged a dingy dock that was quite unstable and during evenings very dark and somewhat difficult stairs to come up on to the hotel. There we had a very nice place to meat with the other sailors, the guides and Raymond. We sailed in and went to the supermarket we new from before and find a restaurant serving quite good European food.

29/8 Bau Bau for anchor and bus at 8 a clock to south Buton with stop at a village with special houses on stilts. Underneath the house they store a lot of wood for cocking. We could get inside the little house. I got coffee sitting on the floor in another much bigger house. On the attic they store corn from 1960. Arriving to S Buton we got lunch but first all the lady’s have to learn a little about local cocking from the women in the village. The bus stopped at a boat builder that did not use nails and screws. At the festival place, beautiful situated on the beach, we herd speeches, saw a lot of dances and selfies were taken. They wanted us up dancing and of cause group pictures were taken. Along the schore we could see traditional fishing boats under sail. On the tour back to Bau Bau, when riding on a sand and gravel road, we noticed that the bus had to avoid a lot of obstacles, made of the local people, because they wanted slow down traffic to avoid dust coming into there houses. We came back to Bau Bau late in the darkness.

30/8 Bau Bau for anchor and bus to south Buton. The bus leaves 9:15 after repair. 11:30 we visit school for the youngest. We saw that they had a lot of new not used books on the shelf’s. We had good coffee and snacks at the house from yesterday and then the bus took us to the festival place at the beach. We got traditional lunch and then speeches and dancer entertained. Max talk for us sailors and we were al up on the scene for group photo and to receive gifts. On the way back we stopped at a carpenter that made traditional furnisher. Back in Bau Bau 19 hour.

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