Moorea 24/9-25/9 2016

Time used 4 h, Distance 19.3 NM, SOG 4.5 avg 5.8 max, TWA 111.4, TWS in knots 9.7 avg 16,2 max

At 8 o’clock in the morning we sail to neighbor harbor with jib alone. We had the island in site all the way. Moorea is formed as an equi-lateral triangle and have 8 NM on the northern side, which is cut by the two deep bays Opunohu and Cook´s Bay. We pas the entrance to the beautiful Cook´s bay for to drop anchor north of the even more beautiful Opunohu Bay close to the big Manta-rays and underwater Tikis.

At 8 o’clock next morning we take the dingy to the place were the famous manta-rays use to be and we got very good contact with them. Amazing that they wanted to come so close. We did not have to have sardines with us to give them.

The underwater Tikis were really too deep down for me to see clearly but Lars took some dives down with the go-pro so got some pictures.

A short trip too the fisherman’s village were there time for before we had to leave for Huahine, 3another island in the Society Island group of French Polynesia, at 17 h.

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