Huahine 25/9-27/9 2016

Time used 17:50 h, Distant 87.4 NM, SOG 4.2 avg, 8.2 max, TWA 99.7, TWS in knots 10.4 avg, 24 max

It was not a very pleasant over night sail to Huahine. The autopilot did not work properly so we had to hand-steer a part of the way. We had a lot of wind so stay sail during night. We sailed in threw the south pass, Avapihi, at 10 o’clock in the morning. Al mooring boys were taken and the wind was strong so we did not leave Alexandra during the day. We had to leave for Tahaá the next day, unfortunately, so we did not see much of Huahine. A fisherman came by thought and sold us four nice lobsters.

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