From Danmark to Holland

First we want to say thank you Marie, Jamilla, Mathilda and Henrik i H-boat for farewell on the water. First stop was Helsingør were Selden had to fix a couple of things in the top of the mast on behalf of Lopolight  before we were very satisfied with the rigging Job.

Second leg was to Hals in the North of Jutland and this leg turned out to be the best leg sailing wise. We had a lot of wind from the preferred direction and the current with us most of the time. We sailed fast and enjoyed the sundown and the sunset. Arriving in Hals after approximately 14 hours at 04:00.

Third leg was from Hals through Limfjorden to Thyborøn passing threw four bridge openings and underneath one bridge. The latter bridge at Sallingsound was scary because the bridge were 26 m high and Alexandra’s mast are  23 m. It was very  foggy the whole day except for passing  Aalborg and the two bridges there, se pictures. After passing beautiful Løgstør we could set sails. It took approximately 16h and we sailed out in the fjord at 04:15 in the early morning.

We stayed in Thyborøn for a week because of strong winds and the next leg had a long distance. Good though that Lars had time to install compressor and evaporator to refrigerator and freezer boxes and a compressor to a little refrigerator.

Forth leg started early in the morning 05:04 UTC 11 of July from Thyborøn. It was our longest leg but not the toughest. We were so happy to be sailing again so we tried with all means to sail for sail. The wind shifted all the time in direction and strength. A dove took an over night free ride on aft deck so it was not so bad. After 163,37 Nm we arrive at 11:53 UTC the 12 of July at Helgoland and moored outside two boats, as is common at Helgoland, after a 30 hour long sailing leg.

Fifth leg started the next day after provisioning at the high quality Spar and off cause a couple of bottles of Gin extra strong at a tax free shop at the harbor. Also bunk up with lower price diesel. Now we had a tough leg to sail for the engine against the wind and a lot of rain. Sailing into Borkum in the middle of the night with very bad visibility, because of the constant rain, and high traffic of small fishing vessels trawling in the canal, was very tiresome. The leg took approximately 20 h for Engine. We arrived at 6 in the morning. During the day we solved the fresh water leak problem and filled up all three tanks. We also pumped air through the overflow pipe to make sure they were working. We also checked the steering weal and greased the chain. The village should be nice but 4 km away so nu time for a visit.

The six leg started  at 4 in the morning by weakening the boat owner outside as we had agreed. It was a lot easier to sale out sf the sound close to sunrise then in the dark night. Soon we got over to the Dutch side of the sound, but also on this side we had to hold track of the small fishing vessels trawling though it was much easier now in daylight. With one reef in the main sail and a jib we sailed towards Harlingen in very bad weather and visibility most of the day Sailing into the Waddenzee we had to take down the main sail but could role out the jib once in a while. Lars find out that some of the beacon were moved so a little tricky to sail here when you are not used to it. Lars had red about it so he was prepared for it. When reaching Harlingen the weather were wonderfully warm and sunny for the first time. Provisioning and relaxing in the beautiful town and harbor stood for the rest of the day.











2 thoughts on “From Danmark to Holland

  1. Ivar aschenbrenner

    Hej Maria og Lars.

    Håber i er kommet godt dernedad. Jeg satser på at Helle og jeg besøger jer på grand Canaria. Er pladsen fra Panama til Fransk Polynesien stadig ledig jeg tror jeg er frisk på den. Hvornår ca. Regner I med at være i Panama ?

    Mange hilsner


    1. lars

      Hej Ivar,

      Vejret er ikke det bedste, men vi må jo bare tage den med ro og vente.

      Pladsen er naturligvis stadig ledig. Vi må tale sammen om den detaljerede planlægning når vi kommer tættere på.det overordnede er at vi skal igennem kanalen i april 2016.

      Vi ser frem til at se jer på Gran Canaria

      Hilsen, Maria og Lars


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