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Lovina Bay – Bali Island 21/9-30/9 2018

19/9 Sailing to Amber Bay north west Bali Island. Upwind sailing and up to 24 knots of wind. We take a swim to the beach with black lava sand. In the evening we enjoy walking along the coastline and having a drink and a meal on the beach. Back on Alexandra we see SY Henrietta drifting before we go to bed. At 23 hour the anchor alarm wake us up and we realise that we have drifted out of the bay so we have to hoist the anchor and sail back and re anchor. 20/9 Amber Bay Bali. Baking rye bread and snorkel tour with Lisa And Sven from SY Randivåg. A walk along the beach and a drink and food at another place on the beach. It was very enjoyable and good.

21/9 Early up and run the water-maker. The dingy had to be washed from lava sand and lifted up on davits. We sail out of the bay at 7:15 after other rally boats for motor and jib and later on the mainsail. We had wind on the nose and not so much but we managed to hall in on some boats and past them. At Singaraja, were the rally wanted us to anchor, we tried to anchor once but no good holding so we continue to Lovina Bay. 22/9 Lars got diving compressor up from the aft compartment so he could fill up a dive tank for Russell on Mandolin, before he sailed of to Malaysia, a head of the rally. 23/9 Lars had a bad stomach so stay a board and writing to website, running water-maker etcetera. In the afternoon we pass Chevaldi boat with Chaun and Sabina on the way to town for to ask if we could help with an impeller. We continued to the bridge (difficult for me to get up when law tide so Lars had to lift me up) for ATM, shopping food and top-up data. Also visit Nia and Raymond at the rally office. Nice filé of pork for dinner after sailing in Muslim part of Indonesia for so long where pork meat does not exist.

24/9 At nine a clock we get diesel delivered to the boat. Lars goes in with Sabina to pay the rally fee 1000000 IDR = 471.5DKK. I stay aboard because it is my turn to have stomach pain.

25/9 Singaraja by mini bus. Nice morning with short speeches, Bali dancer, Indonesian and western music delivered by three bands. Coffey and lunch brakes and off cause group photo.

26/9 Lars is attending a cocking competition in Singaraja until 14 hour. Dinner for al in the rally at Sea-Breeze café, dance performers on the big scene at the Delphi monument and a drink at a little restaurant.

27/9 Very nice tour to a village were we got to see products they made. I bought coffee, grounded and beans. Artist from school made portrait, palm leaf weaving, cases and lamps made out of aluminium, Bali cocking etcetera. Lars got out riding on a carriage pulled by a bull. Nice lunch and dancing groups afterwards were we could join in a little. On the way back they stopped at an arena for bull race. We could see the preparation for the race and the race and we could bet.

28/9 City walk with Cokorda Istri Dewi in the old port of Singaraja. We visit the kings palace and first the queen and later the king came by. They took time to shake hands with every one. The old library were fascinating. Here we could see how they cut out letters using bamboo stick and colour from nutmeg. After lunch we visited a Chinese and a Bali temple on the harbour. The latter had a funeral so interesting sermons to see. Flora from Skybird II could understand some of the text in the chines temple and explained it to us.

29/9 Bali taxi tour with Sandra and Frank from Blue Roger to UNESCO rise field. It was a long ride but well worth it. Stunning fields so well kept.