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Isla Isabela

Isla Isabela 13/6-19/6 2016

48 SM to Isla Isabela and the town Villamil

We take the dingy in to the, very run down, dingy dock and a long walk on the sandy road took us threw Villamil to the agent James at the café Booby-trap and there exchanges information for clearance, while enjoying a cup of coffee or cola and important good Wi-Fi. A short walk from the dingy-dock take us to Cocha y Perla, a little bay in the mangrove with a lot of fish, sea-lions, iguanas, turtles and penguins. There we snorkel for a while and I get caught by the current and get saved by Lars.

The next day we rent mountain-bicycles and have a nice ride to see flamingoes at Los Humedales, turtle breeding centre ”Centro de Crianza Arnaldo Tupiza”, and beaches like Playa del Amor with a lot of marine iguanas. At the latter Lars and I got a swim with some nice fish. Also Wi-Fi at Booby-trap before and after the bicycle ride.

At the anchorage Maria swim to a yellow boy but saw only some fish having a feast on the hall of Alexandra. Lars is having a scuba dive around Alexandra but the water is not clear enough. Ivar and Lars take a tour to Booby-trap for Wi-Fi and I enjoy being alone for a while. From the boat we can see a lot of animals in the water like penguins, sea-lions, turtles and boobies hunting for fish but they are al to far away.

Before leaving Isabela for Santa Cruz again we got contact with Coolrunnings a catamaran also on its way to Marquesses. We had contact with them for most time of the crossing on the SSB radio together with MaryAnnII.