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Cherbourg to Guernsey The channel island

43 Nm started in Cherbourg 14:00 8/8-2015 and arrived in Guernsey 23:00 after 9 hour of sailing . We had a lot of current against us and did not get the “Alderney race”. Also wind against and not much of it. We triad anyway to sail for sail. It was dark entering the pontoon outer harbour and we got to moor alongside too motor-boats on a pontoon not connected to land. Next day we got to move so we were connected to land. A long walk op to the highest part of the village and afterwards a nice treat with fish and ships and beer from drought at The Boat House on the harbour was nice. No shopping here because it was so expensive so glad for having filed up in Cherbourg. On the way to the outer harbour we inspected the inner harbour that had a “sill” at the entrance and a scale showing the water level above the so cold sill, a stone plate. We woke up, in the middle of the night, by the sound of firework and it was not a small one, right in front of us in the harbour entrance with the lightened up castle at one side. I have nether seen anything like it.