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Suwarrow- Cook Islands

Suwarrow an atoll in Cook Islands, self-governing islands in association with New Zealand 11/10-13/10 2016

Suvorov after a Russian navy captain that lived on the island many years.

Time used to sail to Suwarrow from Maupiti was 6 days 18.5h, Distant 716.44 NM, SOG 4.4 avg, 7.3 max, TWA 198, TWS in knots 13.4 avg, 24.1 max

5/10 Wedding day, freshly made burger buns to the burger for dinner, not bad.

6/10 Lars sick is it a kidney stone? 02 Lars threw up, 04:30 mainsail down because of 20 knots, squall, setting stay-sail, 7:30 Lars take pills against stomach ache, 8:30 Lars throw up a lot of times.

7/10 8:00 Setting main and jib, 18:30 Lars are taking a lot of painkillers. We think that he have a kidney stone.

8/10 Lars still in a lot of pain.

9/10 6:30 The bilge does not work, empty bilge with an “Aldi pump” to a bucket.

10/10 9:30 Lars still in a lot of pain and take a lot of pain killers.

11/10 For motor and long time with jib alone. We will go slowly for not to arrive to early. We want to go threw the reef entrance in daytime.

We drop anchor close to the two other sailing boats after talking to the ranger on WHF. After clearance on Alexandra we relaxed on board the rest of the day.

12/10 Snorkel at the read boys (could be large Manta Ray there early in the morning) and also snorkel at the white boy with nice corals and fish like the little reef close by Alexandra.

Lars set up a hose from bilge to aft and out. We had also time for a walk around the little island in the atoll and buying fish from the rangers for a six-pack of beer. Also gave a pack of rice, to the rangers, we could spare.

In the evening the young ranger arranged Pot Luck Dinner for us together with a french boat with different nationality on board. Lady Amity came ind late but managed to come bye. It was nice to see them. The son grilled the fish, rainbow runner, perfectly.

We enjoyed a lot the short stay at Suwarrow. The to park ranger, father and sun, Harry and Pae Papai, were very pleasant and easygoing guys. They loved to be on the little island away from stress, noise and traffic on the mainland, that is the island Rarotonga in the south Cook Islands. They stayed on Suwarrow until November and came back in Maj after the hurricane season.

13/10 Sailing to Samoa 10:30 after checking out.