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Channel Passage

After practise going threw the channel with a Catamaran we, and our to very professional line holders, Sebastian from Chile and Gabrielle from France, sailed out of Shelter bay to the Flat 14:30 26/4 2016. There we waited for several hours for our supervisor to arrive. Alexandra was chosen to be in the middle and that was good. That meant that our adviser were in command and that was good. We had a French Alubat Ovni on the right side and a German single hand sailor on the left side. The first 3 locks we went up was the most difficult part but there were no problem. In the Gaton lake we launched the anchor and I took an unplanned swim when supposed to wash my feet in the sweet water. At 6 in the morning the new adviser, Edwin, arrived. He was an officer and had worked on a dredger for 26 years, so his English was good. We sailed approximately 20NM to the last three looks with The Mirraflore look at the end. At a proximately 16:00 we were anchoring in Balboa, Panama City. Good luck to the young couple and we hope the sailing tour to Ecuador goes well.