Sailing from Trincomale Sri Lanka to the Uligan Island Maldives 2/4-7/4 2019

Time used 4 days 23.3 h, distant 681.1 NM, avg distant per day 56.8 best distance per day 141.6 NM, SOG in kts 5.5 kt. avg, 7.1 kts max, TWA 199.4, TWS in kts 6.0 avg, 12.9 max.

2/4 Up 6:30. Dingy up on davider. Pack the aft room. When the anchor should be hoisted the winch did not run. Lars find a corroded cable and a new fuse. Later on added a new fuse holder. We sail out of the bay and soon hoist the main sail and a while later the jib. We sailed all night between land with small fishing boats, and big fishing boats further out.

3/4 At four a´clock there were not meany fishing-boats. Now we have westerly winds. Lars had to zigzag a little between fishing boats. Maria talked to Kimi on SSB at 8:30 but had difficulty to here what she said. At 10 a´clock we passes a lighthouse and here is very shallow water like 14 meter. Not much wind but the current with us. When Lars got up 12:30, we sat sails and sail 7 kt. Bonnie sail out of Galle harbor 16:15. We still have fishing-boats to look after but not so many.

4/4 We pass a very large cargo. 34.2°C in the main cabin. Wind 3.4 kn and we sail 6.1 knot for motor. After a cargo ship had passed us we sat sails. We sail 6.2 knot with 5.7 kt of wind on the beam. Several cargoes passes during the evening. Temperature 30°C.

5/4 Lars had to change course, 10 degrees, for a cargo ship to pass. Lars made very nice roti.

6/4 We have now emptied one diesel tank that is 350 liter diesel. Two cargo ships passes on BB side. Lars on SSB with Tommy and Kimi. Lars send a mail on Iridium to the agent in Uligamu 24 hours before entering. We cleaned filter to gen-set. Also filter to salt water inlet, after stopping the Yanmar. Now the pump start again. We start the motor and sail 6.6 knot, wind 9.4 kts on starboard bow upwind. We got one knot of current against us so slower.

7/4, Lars birthday! Beautiful morning passing three atolls before we, 8:30, dropped the anchor outside Uligan. After some time five mend from custom, national defends, immigration and bio-security came sailing along side Alexandra. We had some cookies and soda for them. Hammadh helped Lars to fill in several forms. The others filled other forms and used the Alexandra stamp a lot. Also stamped our passports with there stamp. Bonnie came ind at 16 hour. In the evening we got picked up by a speedboat and the 5 mend and Tommy and Helene sailed to the Island Ihavandhoo to get ATM. We got nice dinner at a restaurant like nasi-goreng with beef, chicken sausage and egg served with water. Now we are in a 100% Muslim country so nothing from pigs and no alcoholic beverage. They have though nice fresh fruit juice at almost all restaurants. Call out for prayer from the Mosque, five times a day, you here everywhere on the islands.

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