Putteri marina Malaysia 9/14-8/11-2018

09/11 Harbour office and immigration. Shop in local supermarket. At 15 hour we sail in to the harbour with Alexandra. Sven and Lisa helped us with the lines. Restaurant with Randivåg in the evening.

10/11 Sail to fuel dock and get diesel. It is 33°C. Elsebeth and Anders came mid day from Langkawi. Dinner with our Danish friends.

11/11 We got Elsebeth and Anders on Alexandra for coffee and cookies. After that we go shopping up-stares in the centre. In the evening we had nice food like steak and red wine at NZ restaurant. Long time seen.

12/11 Bus tour to Yohor with the rally and our Danish friends could join.

Ananas / Pineapple museum were I bought nice pineapple jam, chips and juice. We could see different kind of pineapple growing outside.

Mangrove park with long trails and monkeys. We went out to the most southerly point on mainland in south east Asia. Pictures were off cause taken.

Visit an historical house with a sultan still living there. Nice Lunch with dancer entertaining and a few speeches. We got a tour around the house and the nice son of sultan guided us.

Gala dinner with the sail Malaysia rally, in the evening with very good food and hot coffee. Before entering the room, were dinner were served, picture were taken on us. Unfortunately not digital photo. The air-conditioner worked hard to cool the room and almost everybody were freezing to death.

13/11 Taxi to big shopping centre with Elsebeth and Anders. After shopping clothes etc. we had Chinese lunch and ended up shopping for food the big way.

14/11 Our Danish friends leave for the airport very early but we take it easy because of a lot of rain. Next rally stop is Melaka and most of the boats sail today.

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