Nuko Hiva

Nuku-Hiva, Taiohae Bay 20-27/7 2016

Time 18:02 h, NM 89, SOG 4.9 kn avg 8.6 kn max, TWA 134, TWS 11.0 kn avg 26.8 kn max

The 20/7 2016 at 16:30 we launch the two anchor and unfortunately the good old stern anchor did not come up because the anchor rope went of. We should not have trusted it…. Hopefully we do not need stern anchor before Papeete and can get a new one there and of cause a new rope too. The swells were high, out of the bay, going for engine and the wind disappear when leeward of Hiva-Oa. Main sail and stay sail was launched after 1½ hour. After one hour we start the motor when no wind. After 1½ hour we stopped the motor and sat sail again. We had shifting wind strength during night. In the morning, 9:30, we sail into the bay of Taiohae.

We had some nice days in Taiohae, shopping good French food and getting nice lunch like “poisson cru” when you order fish at the harbour café. Yacht-service at the harbour had excellent wifi, for only 300 CFP (5 kr) per day so Lars could upload a lot of pictures. Also a good meeting place for sailors. Nice walk along the bay to the cathedral and also up the hill to the hardware-store to get important grease for the rudder stock.

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