San Cristobal

San Cristobal 30/5-8/6 2016

After a good nights sleep we moved closer to the dingy dock with a hope to get lesser swells. Lars visited our agent Bolivar and got advice how to prepare for the clearance and the time for the groups arrival. We cleaned up and at 15 hour we had a visit of agent Bolivar, port captain, custom, immigration and health inspector. A diver inspected the hall and sad Alexandra was OK and the health lady inspected below deck. Coffey and cola was served and forms were filed and passports were stamped.

Together with the others we took a water-taxi in to the bridge with sea lions on the stairway. We went home to Bolevar were we were treated with very tasty Galapagos bananas. We had to stay on land for 3 h because of Alexandra being fumigated for cockroaches and other insects. Fumigator; 120 Volt. We have 12, 24, 220 Volt on Alexandra. It was a joke. At Casablanca we could get wifi for the first day in 8 days and celebrate that we finally reached Galapagos. When we got back on Alexandra the front window got cleaned up for old sika flex. On the bay arrived a cargo ship and a feeder ship was quickly on place to transport the cargo to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.

A long walk to the Centro de Interpretacion and Cerro Tijeretas (Tijeretas Hill) were we, on the cliffs hoped to see the frigate bird nesting but the nests were empty.

The main sail got piked up for repair by a not professional sail-maker in the morning and we took the dingy to a little beach at the military marine headquarters. The sea lions did not like us coming so we went ten meter out and dropped anchor. Here we could snorkel around and see a lot of fish and a big turtles that Lars and Maria followed for a while.

The next day, on a walk along the harbour, we saw the beautiful hermit crab and iguanas. We got good food on-board but also lobster and delicious cold fish soup in town.

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