We sailed to Carriacou 29/1-16 after clearing out with customs in the village and immigration at the airport because we were sailing to another country, Grenada and Carriacou. We dropet anchor in Tyrrel Bay. There were several Danish sailing boats in the beautiful bay and soon we had visits from to of them, Karen and Niels from the Danish catamaran Mevoy (ARK+) and Hella and Flemming that stayed semi permanent here with there boat. Here we enjoyed eating at local restaurants like “Lucky”, tasty and law priced chicken every day except Saturday when she had grilled pork, (12 EC$ = 30DKK) with the other Danes.

Granada Prickley Bay for anchor. A Budget Marina close by but a long walk to food store. The famous Danish ketch sailing-boat “Nordkaperen”, owned by the explorer and author Truels Kløvedal came in 2/2 with 10 young sailor on-board heading for Asia. We were invited on-board the next day and it was amazing to see how much nice work they did on-board.

The 4/2 we sailed to Grand Anse St George Granada and dropped the anchor. The second night, due to stronger wind, the anchor did not hold. After to tough nights we sailed in to The Granada Yacht Club. Lars bought a Manson anchor, mounted it and sold the old CQR by announcing on cruisers net. We staid one more night at the harbour and took to the celebration of independence at the big sport arena. It was a very colorful event with lots of people dressed in the national colors yellow tomato red and green. Next morning we sailed out in the bay and dropped the new anchor. It hold amazingly good, so we got a nice night of sleep before the long leg to Bonaire, the next day. First, though, we had to say goodbye to our newly gotten friends, Karen and Niels, with a sun downer on Alexandra. We wish them good winds on there way back to Denmark!

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