La Coruña

We staid at marina Coruña for several days and enjoyed the marina and the town very much. In the charming oldest part of town, high up, we find a bar- shop – restaurant with fantastic ham and goat cheese served with drought beer.

Impressive post-office building, parks, playgrounds, and huge waterfront promenade was enjoyed by foot. Two large tent at the marina were offering food from different regions of Spain for a very reasonable price, every evening at at 21 hour. We had Paella one night and grilled sardines and  chicken the other night in a wonderful environment meeting the Spanish people dining late.

There were often families with several generations.  After fixing fresh water pump, making a shelf to the galley, trying to get HF radio to work, pictures to the other boats crossing the Biscay, washing clothes, home page and other tasks, we were ready for a long leg to Porto.

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