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Tahaá 27/9-30/9

Time used 8:30 h, Distance 34 NM, SOG 4.7 avg, 8 max, TWA 143, TWS in knots 14.7 avg, 28.5 max

At six o´clock in the morning we sail out of the pass, Avamoa at Fare. We had a lot of wind so jib alone. A squall hit us on the way threw the pass between Tahaá and Raiatea. We were lucky to come threw so it was not so bad. We had to tack threw the sound and we meet with a cargo-ship so quite exiting tour. Slowly we got better visibility so we could enjoy the coast of Tahaá. Finally, at 14:30, we reached the Baie de Tapuamu and find a village mooring boy there. The french boat Toomai, with the family we met on Fati Hiva, was there and we got to talk with them later on.

After a quiet evening relaxing on Alexandra we had a busy next day with visiting a Rom distillery, the village for fresh baguettes and taking the dingy out snorkeling at the coral garden.

Also Lars book us for a tour next day starting at Vanilla tour in Baie de Hurepiti so we were up early in the morning and sailed to the bay were the mooring was included in the price. Touring around in a land-rover with four German sailors and Noah, the son of the founder of Vanilla tour, was great. We got to know a lot about vanilla men also other plants, trees and fruits on the island. Also how to make roof out of palm tree leaves.