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Badas Port, Simbawa Island 11-13/9

We stopped at three places on the way to Badas Port. At Were bay Simbawa Island kids were sailing under sail in dugout canoes. When we came up next day our companion boats had already sailed. Later we herd they sail 1.5 hours before us. Mainsail up al day but also motor sailing. The wind came when we sailed in to Kilo to anchor. We pas Mandolin with Russel towing Revision 11. A fishing line had been stack on the propel. Mike had worked hard to get it of but difficult when sailing. Lars went into the dingy and met them when sailing into the bay. Also he dive down to help get rid of the line that was melted on the propel. Russel took a turn also. Terry was amazing, baking cookies for us, in that situation. The next day we get up at 06 in the morning. Al boats are still there. Kiwi summers sail to Revision 11. At 8:30 Terry call on VHF saying that the motor work so now we can all sail. While we waited we got a visitor coming in an outrigger canoe, Wahyu Di Udin English teacher. We sail for motor and no wind at al but suddenly it comes and we set al sails and sail very fast. Anchor drop in Kananga bay. Next day we sail for motor threw the sound between Moyo and Simbawa. We sat staysail that gave ½ a knots but later on we could set jib and sail 7 knots in 30 min and then change course and we can stop the motor and hoist the main at 10 a clock. We reach Badas Port at 13 hour just to see a bus with sailors leaving the port. We went to the Epson and could top up our SIM cards. Many of the sailors went with a bus to a pizza restaurant but we got a box dinner and could by cold Guinness.

Next day we were on a bus tour to local market were we bought fish, chicken and greens. Afterwards supermarket. In the evening we saw catwalk on the bridge. It was Indonesian designer, Indonesian models and traditional pattern and colours. We could also see women weaving traditional patterns. When we were leaving the bridge to go to the bus they started fireworks and we got scared. Some people got very close to it.