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Fatu Hiva

Fatu-Hiva, Hanavave Bay local name, Baie des Verges original name, Baie des Vierges missionary name 12-15/7 2016

After prolonging the anchor chain with a strong rope we could relax a little and had a good night sleep. The swells in the bay were strong and wind up to 20 knots so we did not leave Alexandra the next day but stayed on-board. The bay was absolutely marvelous so it was not a punishment. It was Frederiks birthday so we called him on the Iridium telethon. The old halyard came out of the mast and the reserve put in their place by Lars. The next day (after setting stern anchor) we took the dingy to land and had a walk on the main street and found out that without local money we could not by anything in the nice little magazine. It was OK because we still had food on- board. After a rest on-board we took the dingy in again for the waterfall tour. After taking several wrong turns we finally reached the very beautiful waterfall and got a swim underneath. Unfortunately I got a skratch below my right knee and suffered from it a long time because of infection. In the evening there was a final show, in a competition between the islands of Marquesas, in traditional song and dance. To reach the show place we had to wade over a river in darkness and luckily Lars had a head lamp with him and we had to sailors, familiar with the place, with us. It was a very impressive show and also a plus that only traditional language (Tahitian or other?) were used. A lot of people from the island was there and a few sailors.

Early next morning we stood up and prepared for sailing to Hiva-Oa, the next Marqueas island.