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Daniels bay

Daniels Bay, Bay of Hakatea 27/7-29/7 2016

Time 00:46 h, NM 6.6 SOG 4.3 kn avg 6.0 kn max, TWA 180.9, TWS 11.2 kn avg 19.6 kn max

After filling up with diesel, at the big key used for the cargo/passenger ship, we sailed to Daniels Bay. From there we hoped to be able to make the famous water fall tour, to see the worlds third highest waterfall. The Hakatea Bay was beautiful and the swells were not so high. We had a relaxing evening on Alexandra. The next day we took the dingy up the river to the village. We met Paul who, we herd, should resembles the latter King, working on his land. When he goes to Nuku-Hiva he ride on his horse or take a water taxi. He gave us some tip but did not tell us how whet it was further up. Anyway it was a nice walk and yes we did not reach the water fall. Very dirty we turned back after passing threw the first wet area. On the walk back we stopped at Monique house and bought bananas and at the first house bread fruit and papaya. During the night, at four a-clock, we had to re-anchor, even if our anchor hold, because a catamaran came to close to us. but.