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15/3-16 13:00 we sailed out of the harbour in Oranjestad heading for Cartagena in Colombia. For a while we were in close distant with a catamaran, Chagi, After hearing from them that they caught a tuna we unfortunately lost contact with them. We sail outside the 2000m depth curve after advice of Karsten in Panama. Close to shore it can be risk for very unstable high winds and tall waves Anyway the swells were high and the wind had a maximum TWS 32,3 knots. We started with one reef in the main and before second night we took another reef. Later on we dropped the main and sailed with jib alone.

We took the inlet to Cartagena Bay with the under water deafens barrier, because it was daylight and hardly any swells, and very good market with red starboard mark and green port mark (IALA-B is used here). 2 days 21 hour 22 min 400 NM. We had some problem getting in contact with the harbour but once we had they were grate here at Marina de Pesco. The harbour is the harbour closest to the old city and off cause not cheap. We had an urgent need for “agua” because our watermaker did not work so happy to be here for five days. As the only foreign boat here we have a lot to look at. Too every boat here there are connected one or more boat boys/men. They wash, repairer, service etc. The sometimes sail with the owners to help them in and out of harbour with the mooring lines etc.

What meet your eye first when sailing into Cartagena Bay is all the skyscapes on the peninsula facing the Caribbean sea. The old city, with the fine city wall, is not far away thought and we have gotten accustom with it. Today, after the weekend and holiday for St Joseph on Monday, we finally could visit the electro mechanic shops and reaching the fifth we had the capacitor we needed to the watermaker. Luckily it made the motor work so now we can make water again. Thanks to Manfred our agent for the addresses. Here you have to have an agent to help you with clearance in and out. Now it is time for a delicious local fast food. Tomorrow afternoon we are heading for San Blas archipelagos at the east coast of Panama.