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Christmas in Bequia

On the 22 December we had a leg to the island Bequia and Admiralty Bay were we intended to stay over Christmas and we did stay there until the 27 of December. (apr. 3h, 14.9NM, SOG: avg. 4.78 and max 7.70, TWS 16.16 max 28.90 kts). We got a mooring and started to prepare for Christmas. My parents Christmas tree were folded out and Anne-Marie´s “kravlenisser” placed there and my mother in law’s hand-kraft were hanged up. The Christmas huts brought by Frederik and Jeanne were hanged up so we had a touch of Christmas aboard Alexandra. We had “risengrød” (rice porridge with cinnamon and sugar) made from long corned rice for 23/12 dinner, and that was fine. The porridge could be used for “risalamande” dessert on Christmas eve with chopped almonds, vanilla/sugar and “kirsebærssås” (cherry sous) from home but without crème that obviously is hard to get here. It tasted good. I have not seen whipping crème here yet. We had tasty chicken, marinated by Jeanne and grilled on the gas-grill on aft deck, for dinner. We were invited to have dinner with the other Danish people in Bequia but we wanted to be by our self on that evening. It was a very special Christmas having our first lovely grandchild with us.

At Christmas day we ordered a water taxi to transport us all to land and have a nice dinner at the hotel. When we should go back to Alexandra there were water taxi available but luckily a Norwegian sailor herd our pledge on channel 68 and came and fetched us. He sailed twice because we were so many. Lots of thanks to him!

Next day we all took a walk to beautiful Friendship bay where I and my two sons bathed in high waves. Beautiful resort were here but a little simpler living for the locals. I was bit by a dog on our way back to Admiralty bay but remembering that I have a fresh tetanus booster took the worries away. Bathing from the little beach in Admiralty Bay was good for rinsing the wound and little Oskar could come into the water testing the knew bathing ring.