Victoria Mahé Seychelles 14/6-26/6, 22/8-26/9 2019

The capital, Victoria, is situated on the largest island Mahé. Tommy, Helene, Lars and I were guided around Victoria passing immigration, Tourist information centre, post-office, ATM, shop for internet on Market street and were to get cruising permit. The guide was Klaus from the Danish boat Magrethe. Klaus and Gitte had been in Seychelles for a wail and were preparing to go to Tanzania.

Victoria was a nice town and easy to get around by foot. Victoria Yacht-club offered service to us on anchor like shower, washing machine, get rid of garbage, getting drinking water and a nice restaurant with reasonable prices for the temporary membership 300 SCR ca 148 DKK per week. The French cafe around the corner to the left was visited by us almost every day. You could get sour dough baget with seeds, great croissant, Danish wienerbrød and other delicious bakery.

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