Minerva reef – Tonga

Port Morel to Minerva reef

Time used 4 days 45min, Distant 413 NM, SOG 4.4 avg, 7.3 max, TWA 209, TWS in knots 11.6 avg, 25.5 max

5/11-8/11 2016 Sailing south to Minerve reef for a short stop went good. It took three days. Lars mounted the extra autopilot and it worked well to use for navigation.

On Minerve we met Alma with the swede Jonas that we last time met in the Spanish Water on Curacao. Also Roberto with Yvonne in Hildegaard Hansen, John in Sparrow and Matthew in Polo Flat. Lars an Gemma were invited to come with Roberto and John to ketch lobsters. They did not catch any but got two lobsters from the other two. Thank you so much for two delicious meal. There had bean seen white shark so we did not go into the water at the place we anchored.


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