The rest of the family arives

We sailed back to St Lucia and Rodney Bay and the D pontoon, were we had a reservation. On the 18 of December al precipitant in the ARC and family were transported by mini buses to a sport arena for the price giving party. It was very hot there but the rum-punch helped. As placed on 4 position in our group we did not get a price but we fought that we did good sailingThe rest of our family, our eldest son Frederik, daughter in law Jeanne and our grandson Oskar arrives in Martinique 13 December 2015. The day after Lars, Maria and Kristoffer sail up to Anse Mitan, Martinique and fetch them.(35.18NM, 8:30h, SOG avg4.23 max8.24, TWS avg11.06 max18.40). We dropped anchor in Fort de France for a couple of days to make provisioning. Also Lars had to clear in and out with customs and immigration. He did that in the local chandelier and this was the only place we did not have to pay anything because it is EU. over the Atlantic ocean on 17 days and 10 hours with a maximum over 24 hours of 284 NM. It was a long and somewhat tedious ceremony but in the brake they served tapas and more to drink so we hold out. We did not leave empty-handed because Lars got a bottle of rum for having been net controller under the tour over the Atlantic Ocean.

1 thought on “The rest of the family arives

  1. Jørgen Thanning

    Hej Maria og Lars.
    Prøver at finde ud af hvor i befinder jer. Har i et link til en tracker?
    Håber alt er vel og i har nogle gode oplevelser.
    Sus & Jørgen


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