Tanjung Kelayang, Belitung Island 14/10-17/10 2018

Sailing to Belitung Island.

11/10 For motor 5.6 knots no wind until 16 hour, host mainsail and 6.8 knots of speed and with Jib 7.2 knots of speed.

12/10 The wind disappear during night Two barges with coal pass by. At 05 in the morning we got wind again and mainsail up with jib and sail 7.7/8.5 Lars get a big mackerel on the hook so nice dinner. It is raining in the afternoon so wet cockpit before the night.

13/10 A tuff night with a lot of changing of the sails. Al the time we have 2 knots of current against. So we got westerly winds and try to tack but far to slow 3-3.5 knots. Nice sundowner with goat feta olive and chips to the water because no alcohol when sailing. At 17 hour 1.5 current and we sail 4 knots for motor.

14/10 At 02 in the morning we sail in to the anchorage, at Tanjung Kelayang, in complete darkness and drop the anchor beside the first sailing-boat we notice.

15/10 In the morning we took the dingy to the beach and walked around and find a little shop to buy coke, bred and fresh eggs. Later welcome party with chines show and a box with snaks and water. We sailed in to nice beach restaurant, with lots of sailors, in the evening.

Bus tour and first stop a sand mine. Lunch with entertainment. Visit a historic house with ???? Very important stop at town centre for ATM and supermarket. The latter had no ham or other meat and no cheese. Fine gala dinner in the evening with grilled meat and possibility to by local Bintang beer. Entertainment from the big stage was good. We were also up dancing to I am sailing!

16/10 Working day: start with Lars changing pump for the salt water cooling fridge, cool box and freezer box. After that he went in to get diesel in jerrycans. He came back with 10*20 litre, 11000 (5,149DKK) IDR per litre (1000DKK for all). Before sunset we took a dingy tour to an amazing cliff island not far away. We walk around and into a cave. After that we swam a little but nothing to see. The reef was further out and the sun was going down so not much light for snorkelling.

Kumai, Kalamantan, Borneo Island, 7/10-11/10 2018

Kumai, Kalamantan, Borneo Island, 7/10-11/10 2018

6/10 Sail to Kumai, First 6:00. We get good speed from the start but soon also big swells. We hose main and jib and turn of the motor. Later in the day we take a reef. First night we sail with jib alone. 7/10 At five a clock when Lars came up we sat the main and it gave 2 knots more in speed a short while. We can made water now for 1½ hour. Now we can stop the gen-set and start the motor. We have wind in the nose. Finally we were in the bay and could drop anchor. A boat with an arranger of house boat trips came by and we told her who we wanted to sail with and they talked to al the boats. We go in with Sven end Lisa and met the tour arranger at the little hotel and we pay our part of the trip and Flora and Damien, on Skybird, and Diana on Samara 11 could pay the next morning. We got nice chicken sate at a very small family restaurant on the main street. A little shopping also in the small shops.

8/10 Bus tour with the rally. We were picket up by two big buses and went to a village with old dayak houses. Before entering the main house they had a welcome sermon that meant that a man cut down a bamboo fence with a machete. Everybody got a bracelet out of rope that should give good luck. In the big hall we all could taste home made rice wine served in a bamboo mug. There were things to do outside like blow out an arrow threw a bamboo pipe, see how rise were cocked in bamboo tubes and learn traditional dances. Also try to play on traditional instrument.

The bus took as to another traditional house and also here they had a sermon when entering. Weal got a dot og ash on the forehead. Some local snacks were offered us while touring around the big dark old, but beautiful, building.

The bus took us to a Festival by the river. Unfortunately it was raining a lot so Lars and I did not go sailing longboats in the channel but some did and got very wet. There were a competition on making the best dresses out of trash and that was amazing creations showed there. Also on Esperanza Florian and Trevor on Snow Flight competed in sailing a canoe in opposite direction to each over. Florian, using foul tricks, won. It was a lot of fun, (on U-tube).

Up on the bus again and the dinner were served at a forth place and before eating there wore several speeches. The famous Canadian researcher (zoology and psychology degrees) in orangutang, Dr Birute Mary Galdikas were introduce on the scene. She has lived close to the animals almost al her working life. Michael on SY Henrietta hold a speech both on English and Indonesian!

9-10/10 Two days on a houseboat in the Kumai National orangutang park. We were picked up at 10:30 on our yachts. Alexandra Lars and Maria, Randivåg Sven and Lisa, Sky Bird Damian and Flora and Samara11 Diana. While sailing we got a nice lunch. We went to feeding station number one and waited a while for the orangutan to come and get bananas. The boat stopped at a tree with Male Proboscis monkeys. Lovely dinner with local bintang beer. Night walk. Slept under mosquito net. Next day we visited two more feeding station. we had a great time with the other sailor and also good guide and great food. The last picture show buildings for swallows making birds-nest and for harvesting birds-nests. The chines love to eat them.

Bawean island 02-06 October 2018

30/9 Sailing to Bawean and a pit stop at Rass Island 74.3 NM away. Up at 05 and get the dive compressor packet furtherest away in the aft compartment. So get dingy motor on board and the dingy on the davit. Anker up at 06 in the morning and an hour after Randivåg. No wind so motor sailing. Sat main at 09 a clock. Later on 13 knots of wind. Beautiful sunset and nice sundowner when anchor was dropped close to Blue Rogers, Randivåg and Volo.

1/10 Sailing to Bawean Island over night jib only. First coal barge we saw. Later on we saw many.

2/10 At 10 a clock in the morning we enter the north bay of Bawian island and drop the anchor. After a nap we lower the dingy and went in to register. Two nice “guide/English student” girls went with us a tour around the village. We bought some bread and met a teacher who invited us to meet his university students. They sat on the floor in circle eating fruit and we had to get down on the floor too. We got fruit and the lady at the house gave us bread. Many pictures were taken of us with them.

3/10 Early morning we get picked up from Alexandra by a local boat and sailed to the Gili island. Thanks to Susanne on Erie Spirit who told him that we expected to be picked up at Alexandra. Our captain had a good boat and he pressed the speeder to the maximum. After a while we had only the police speedboat close bye all the other boats were much slower. One of the local boat had a leek and it was not much fun for the passenger. The idea was nice though to get out sailing with a local fishing-boat. Arriving on the Gili island we could go on land on the not so good bridge and the others had to get into the water. On the island Lars and I swam a little tour and Lars catch some corals and fish further out on the GoPro . I saw only see-grass. We bought some chips made from cassava root. Back to the very bridge and after climbing over another local boat we could reach ours and on we go to the Mhumbul Beach. Here we got a big welcome. All off us getting sarongs and hats before entering the stairs up the hill to the area for getting local food. The minister of tourism asked me if I wanted to hold a speech and of cause I could not say no. There were a lot of speeches from the scene further up. My speech was very short just telling about our dream to sail around the world and now being in Indonesia we were half away around. Also telling them how we enjoyed being here because of the beautiful places, historical sights but most because of the nice and friendly people. We got a big basket each with paper flowers and goodies because it was Muhammed´s birthday. Back to the anchorage in the north we were transported by trucks sitting on the let.

4/10 One of the young men took us, Sandie, Max, Lisa, Sven, Lars and I, to a whole day trip around the island. First to a culture centre with dance and batik. We drove a long very narrow road to a sanctuary for a very rare deer only existing here. They were not easy to see but Lars got them on the telephoto lens. We visited a factory making fish stick snacks and a shop selling rugs made of palm leaves. Finally we visited our drivers home and his mother invited us for lunch. It was very generous and we were not allowed to pay. The sweet mother had a pond with gold fish and enjoyed her garden with vegetable and fruit trees. We could taste a couple of exotic fruits. As she was a widow, living with two suns, a daughter in law and a daughter, was a good solution. Our driver could get time for a private prayer while we were eating, sitting on the fine rug, in the big hall. The village with nice houses was a little empty because many people worked in Malaysia. Back again we had no time to dress up but continue to a hot spring bath were we met the others. After that back to Mhumbul Beach again for farewell party on the pier.

5/10 Many rally boat have sail this morning. We stay put and make water for Sean and Sabine on Chevaldy. Sean had an infected wound, so he got eosin red in 10 ampules to put on twice a day, after rinsing the wound. Also they had problems with the motor. They had caught a fishing line in the propeller and the line had pulled the shaft out of the gear box. Sean borrowed an air tank to go down and check the propeller. Cleaning the boat and spray for prevention of getting cockroaches. Sundowner on Randivåg also with Max and Sandi.

Lovina Bay – Bali Island 21/9-30/9 2018

19/9 Sailing to Amber Bay north west Bali Island. Upwind sailing and up to 24 knots of wind. We take a swim to the beach with black lava sand. In the evening we enjoy walking along the coastline and having a drink and a meal on the beach. Back on Alexandra we see SY Henrietta drifting before we go to bed. At 23 hour the anchor alarm wake us up and we realise that we have drifted out of the bay so we have to hoist the anchor and sail back and re anchor. 20/9 Amber Bay Bali. Baking rye bread and snorkel tour with Lisa And Sven from SY Randivåg. A walk along the beach and a drink and food at another place on the beach. It was very enjoyable and good.

21/9 Early up and run the water-maker. The dingy had to be washed from lava sand and lifted up on davits. We sail out of the bay at 7:15 after other rally boats for motor and jib and later on the mainsail. We had wind on the nose and not so much but we managed to hall in on some boats and past them. At Singaraja, were the rally wanted us to anchor, we tried to anchor once but no good holding so we continue to Lovina Bay. 22/9 Lars got diving compressor up from the aft compartment so he could fill up a dive tank for Russell on Mandolin, before he sailed of to Malaysia, a head of the rally. 23/9 Lars had a bad stomach so stay a board and writing to website, running water-maker etcetera. In the afternoon we pass Chevaldi boat with Chaun and Sabina on the way to town for to ask if we could help with an impeller. We continued to the bridge (difficult for me to get up when law tide so Lars had to lift me up) for ATM, shopping food and top-up data. Also visit Nia and Raymond at the rally office. Nice filé of pork for dinner after sailing in Muslim part of Indonesia for so long where pork meat does not exist.

24/9 At nine a clock we get diesel delivered to the boat. Lars goes in with Sabina to pay the rally fee 1000000 IDR = 471.5DKK. I stay aboard because it is my turn to have stomach pain.

25/9 Singaraja by mini bus. Nice morning with short speeches, Bali dancer, Indonesian and western music delivered by three bands. Coffey and lunch brakes and off cause group photo.

26/9 Lars is attending a cocking competition in Singaraja until 14 hour. Dinner for al in the rally at Sea-Breeze café, dance performers on the big scene at the Delphi monument and a drink at a little restaurant.

27/9 Very nice tour to a village were we got to see products they made. I bought coffee, grounded and beans. Artist from school made portrait, palm leaf weaving, cases and lamps made out of aluminium, Bali cocking etcetera. Lars got out riding on a carriage pulled by a bull. Nice lunch and dancing groups afterwards were we could join in a little. On the way back they stopped at an arena for bull race. We could see the preparation for the race and the race and we could bet.

28/9 City walk with Cokorda Istri Dewi in the old port of Singaraja. We visit the kings palace and first the queen and later the king came by. They took time to shake hands with every one. The old library were fascinating. Here we could see how they cut out letters using bamboo stick and colour from nutmeg. After lunch we visited a Chinese and a Bali temple on the harbour. The latter had a funeral so interesting sermons to see. Flora from Skybird II could understand some of the text in the chines temple and explained it to us.

29/9 Bali taxi tour with Sandra and Frank from Blue Roger to UNESCO rise field. It was a long ride but well worth it. Stunning fields so well kept.

Medana Bay, Lombok Island, 15-18/9

We sail from Badas Port to Lombok 13-14/9. It was a tough sailing with wind in the nose and up to 30 knots. We were tacking al day long and the next day also. Motor main and jib or staysail. We were close to getting on the reef because navionic map wanted us further into the bay. We change course in the last minute. We were exhausted after dropping anchor in the nice Medana bay. We relaxed on Alexandra the rest of the day. The next day we took the dingy in and pay for anchoring and laundry. Also handed over to gas bottle to be field up during the day. We walked to the village and saw the destruction the earthquake had done. Poor people. Yet they want to make a party for us sailor. Amazing. In the evening, we had music from the sailors on Moonshadow and Florian on Esberanza, at the marina restaurant. We were getting good food when we were called on from SV Jeanne Marie that we were drifting on to them. We had to go to the dingy fast and out and move Alexandra.

16/9 Tour to Elephant park with Lisa and Sven. Lars tried first to get some money from the one ATM that worked. He did get some on MasterCard but not enough. We had to pay for the visa extension today and cash is the only way here so good we could borrow from Lisa. On the way to the park we could see the destruction in the villages we past. The park, that holds only Indonesian animals except to hippopotamus, was not effected by the earthquake. We bought a ticket each including 3 course lunch for 100000 IDR=44.58dkk=6.89USD.

17/9 Lars is up early for to go to work on the project for building pre school started by Kimi and Trevor on SY Slow Flight. He took the donations with him to deliver at the marina. He came home after 4-5 hot hours working with making water connections to the toilet. In the afternoon the locals march in, invite us al sailor for a meal on the lawn and give us a song and dance show that was very impressive. Kimi and Trever were dressed in local clothes and Kimi hold a short speech in Indonesian.

18/9 Sailing to Trewangan island, Gillie Islands for motor because no wind. After getting a mooring boy we and Sven went in with the dingy to get an ATM, top up and check out the place. As we had heard there were a lot of backpacker/young people on the island and nice cafes, bars and restaurants along the waterfront. The destruction after the earthquake was easily seen here also but not as bad as Lombok. In the evening al for of us had good food at a fish restaurant (lobster) and a marvellous view. It was the first night they had opened after the earthquake and we were there first guests. We had and excellent meal in the sunset.

Badas Port, Simbawa Island 11-13/9

We stopped at three places on the way to Badas Port. At Were bay Simbawa Island kids were sailing under sail in dugout canoes. When we came up next day our companion boats had already sailed. Later we herd they sail 1.5 hours before us. Mainsail up al day but also motor sailing. The wind came when we sailed in to Kilo to anchor. We pas Mandolin with Russel towing Revision 11. A fishing line had been stack on the propel. Mike had worked hard to get it of but difficult when sailing. Lars went into the dingy and met them when sailing into the bay. Also he dive down to help get rid of the line that was melted on the propel. Russel took a turn also. Terry was amazing, baking cookies for us, in that situation. The next day we get up at 06 in the morning. Al boats are still there. Kiwi summers sail to Revision 11. At 8:30 Terry call on VHF saying that the motor work so now we can all sail. While we waited we got a visitor coming in an outrigger canoe, Wahyu Di Udin English teacher. We sail for motor and no wind at al but suddenly it comes and we set al sails and sail very fast. Anchor drop in Kananga bay. Next day we sail for motor threw the sound between Moyo and Simbawa. We sat staysail that gave ½ a knots but later on we could set jib and sail 7 knots in 30 min and then change course and we can stop the motor and hoist the main at 10 a clock. We reach Badas Port at 13 hour just to see a bus with sailors leaving the port. We went to the Epson and could top up our SIM cards. Many of the sailors went with a bus to a pizza restaurant but we got a box dinner and could by cold Guinness.

Next day we were on a bus tour to local market were we bought fish, chicken and greens. Afterwards supermarket. In the evening we saw catwalk on the bridge. It was Indonesian designer, Indonesian models and traditional pattern and colours. We could also see women weaving traditional patterns. When we were leaving the bridge to go to the bus they started fireworks and we got scared. Some people got very close to it.

Laboan Bajo. Flores Island, 5/9-6/9.

We arrive at 8 a clock in the morning after sailing over two nights and days. We stayed on board the whole day even if the marine came in there boat and told us to go in at 10 a clock. We were tired and needed to rest. In the evening there was a big welcome party at the hotel close by the anchorage. Raymond was there but also the minister of tourism. We got good food and also t-shirts mm. Early morning we went into town to shop food etcetera, together with Sven and Lisa. We got a nice local burger on a burger-bar. We sailed immediately when we came aboard for not to arrive to late at Rindja Island 6-7/9. Beautiful mountainous landscape al the way to the anchorage. 17:30 sundowner and of to bed. Up at 6 in the morning to get early in for a walk with a ranger to see the Komodo dragon. We were the first group out walking after we had taken a few picture of an old Komodo dragon laying there close to the rangers huts. The dragons come close to the ranger station sometime to get water. They are not fed and live as they choose. We took the long track and saw a lot of animals like monkeys, dear, water buffalo and birds in the wilderness. Back on Alexandra we sailed to a little island close to Komodo island Gililawa Darat. We shared a mooring with VOLO and Randevåg. We took a snorkel tour hanging after the dingy and enjoyed a beautiful coral reef! Sundowner and grill at Randivåg. We arrive at 8 a clock in the morning after sailing over two nights and days. We stayed on board the whole day even if the marine came in there boat and told us to go in at 10 a clock. We were tired and needed to rest. In the evening there was a big welcome party at the hotel close by the anchorage. Raymond was there but also the minister of tourism. We got good food and also t-shirts mm. Early morning we went into town to shop food etcetera, together with Sven and Lisa. We got a nice local burger on a burger-bar.

Bau Bau, Buton Island, South Sulawesi 31/8-3/9

31/8-3/9 Bau Bau, Buton Island, South Sulawesi for anchor. We were going with a bus to oyster farm, pearl harvesting and a village that harvest and dry kelp / seaweed. The latter village people offer us delicious newly fried bananas and sweet potatoes with water. Later on we got traditional lunch, that was rice, chicken, fish and vegetables. On the way back to town we stopped at a family factory making chines concrete garden decorations. Also we passed beautiful rice fields.

1/9 Bau Bau for anchor. Bus tour to village were we could enjoy seeing mend dressed up as musketeers dancing handling swards and flags and teenager doing traditional sport and play using coconut shells and sea shells. Afterwords we got traditional lunch. We visited a village were women were weaving beautiful textiles. A very colourful village were visited and we got the story. If there were advertising on the house they got the paint for free from Glotex. We saw a little museum showing traditional ceramics while old men played traditional music. Also, we came home to two old ladies ceramic shop and could see how they, by hand, made traditional ceramics.

Up at the fort we saw Sultan houses and spectacular wedding dresses we could try. Up on the fort the guides surprised with a beautiful birthday cake to Lisa and we all sang accompanied by Salam on guitar. Street kitchen and, very important, visit a seldom existing bear and liqueur shop. We had our meal together with the other at the hotel. Sean, from Ireland SY Chevaldy, entertained us playing on our guide Salam´s guitar, after used some time to tune it. One of the lovely female guide could really sing! It was a nice evening.

2/9 Bau Bau for anchor. Bus to marked in Korea village. There is a sign written in Korean but when reading it it sounded like Indonesian. Strange. Afterwords the bus took us to Pine tree Park were we got lunch. Unhappily there was a lot of trash from people using the lovely park! Finally the bus went to a very popular beach. Not many of the local people went into the water and if they did they had the clothes on. The children loved to sob in the water. Some of us sailor went into the water. No reef but fish on some stones. Coming up we got nice fruit. After eating dinner at the Italian restaurant we sad goodbye to Salaam, Raymond and the photographer. We have had so many experiences sailing to Buton island, visiting many villages and a town on the island.

Buton South, South Sulawesi 27/8-30/8 2018

27/8 We sailed to Buton south for motor 08-12:00. We drop the anchor but soon we had to re anchor because we were drifting. At 17 hour sundowner at Volo and Randivåg is suddenly drifting and Sven and Lisa had to go fast back to the yacht and re anchor.

28/8 We sail to Bau Bau after trying to anchor using fishing boats moorings that failed. We went for motor and jib and it took 4 hoers. We anchor close to Extrapol outside a hotel. They had arranged a dingy dock that was quite unstable and during evenings very dark and somewhat difficult stairs to come up on to the hotel. There we had a very nice place to meat with the other sailors, the guides and Raymond. We sailed in and went to the supermarket we new from before and find a restaurant serving quite good European food.

29/8 Bau Bau for anchor and bus at 8 a clock to south Buton with stop at a village with special houses on stilts. Underneath the house they store a lot of wood for cocking. We could get inside the little house. I got coffee sitting on the floor in another much bigger house. On the attic they store corn from 1960. Arriving to S Buton we got lunch but first all the lady’s have to learn a little about local cocking from the women in the village. The bus stopped at a boat builder that did not use nails and screws. At the festival place, beautiful situated on the beach, we herd speeches, saw a lot of dances and selfies were taken. They wanted us up dancing and of cause group pictures were taken. Along the schore we could see traditional fishing boats under sail. On the tour back to Bau Bau, when riding on a sand and gravel road, we noticed that the bus had to avoid a lot of obstacles, made of the local people, because they wanted slow down traffic to avoid dust coming into there houses. We came back to Bau Bau late in the darkness.

30/8 Bau Bau for anchor and bus to south Buton. The bus leaves 9:15 after repair. 11:30 we visit school for the youngest. We saw that they had a lot of new not used books on the shelf’s. We had good coffee and snacks at the house from yesterday and then the bus took us to the festival place at the beach. We got traditional lunch and then speeches and dancer entertained. Max talk for us sailors and we were al up on the scene for group photo and to receive gifts. On the way back we stopped at a carpenter that made traditional furnisher. Back in Bau Bau 19 hour.

Passar Wajo South Sulawesi 20/8-27/8 2018

20/8 At 07:00 we sail out of Banua Banu after we have taken the canvas cover of the main, rain-cover in front, hoist the outboard motor onboard and the dingy on the davids. We had some very eventful days there and met so nice people. Now the coarse was to Pasar Wajo also situated on the island Buton. We sail very fast close hauled, 9.6 knots, out of the bay. We have Randivåg and Volo close behind. Time to make IKEA rye-bread on the way. The wind disappear later on so for motor. I got hold of a mooring in the large bay.

Nice dinner on board getting a fillet from the fish we got from the fishermen in Banua Banu. We were tired after a days sailing so early in bed.

21/8 Quiet morning. Get a hair cut of the captain. Nice! The dingy get into the water and we sail into the dingy dock to present us to the guides. They were on the bridge and welcomed us. They arrange very quickly a tour on motorcycle to the town for to top up internet and go to the market. I bought a cotton long-sleeved blouse on the market and we got some vegetable. Bread, toast bread, is difficult to get but after a couple of stops we got some. Lars had a very heavy rucksack on the tour back on the motorbike. We took a walk to the “swimming-pool” in the river and met Russell, Diana and Garry there. We decided that we should take a swim there later in the evening and eat there. After the swim we had, Mie goreng, fried egg noodles with vegetables.

22/8 We woke up a round 4 o’clock because of very load prayer from the mosque. It turned up to be the beginning of a very holy three days for the Muslims. Abraham did not kill his son because God interfered.? There were a lot of praying, calling and singing from the speaker the next days. A bus took us all to the Mayer’s beautiful house for a very nice lunch with desert. We could inspect the building that was used for representative purpose. Many selfies were taken and we were photographed together with the mayor and his wife. In the evening, at my 68 birthday, Raymond had arranged that there would be delivered local bintang beer to buy and karaoke with dance in the tent but the beer came so late that almost al of us had gone back to the boats. That was a strange birthday.

23/8 Tour with bus to arrack distillery in the jungle. Easy moveable. We had police escort. The bus stops at the supermarket in Bau Bau. Shopping was good with ham, cheese, chicken, coffee etc. The bus drove around the big famous fort, the words biggest they say, but did not stop. Later on we got to see it. We were back at the dingy dock at 15:30 very tired and hot.

24/8 Indonesian cocking class. First we had to see were some of the ingredients came from so Rusdi took us on a tour to his grandparents house. We used Parende (Berindi) green fruit a little taste of citrus, garlic, scarlet onion, tomatoes citrus grass, turmeric (gurkemaya), chilli, tuna, cassava. Lars and I, together with the nice girls Diana, Victoria, Amy and Kimi, had a great morning making a delicious fish soup, cassava top and cookies. We learned from Rusdi that “Anja Kamu” means only you. In the afternoon we got a ride in a car to a place were there were going to be a canoe competition. Must say that we were depressed by the lot of trash on the place. Lars practised his new drone there while waiting. There were no activities so the guide took us to see the little but beautiful fort from 1600 situated up the hill. Sultans and kings have lived there. 19:30 we all go by bus to the big festival place up the mountain. We get welcome by dancers and a nice buffet were served. Afterwords more dances. They wanted us up to the big scene and listen to several local rock bands playing. The mayor was there to. We made a tour around the expo and I got a very nice brooch made with a black pearl and “mother of perl”, perlemor in Danish. The bus went home with us at 24 hour.

25/8 Sleep late. A long tour with a bus to open asphalt mine. They process it and sell it as liquid asphalt. They were working on a new factory.

26/8 With the bus to Festival place up the hill. There were a lot of local people when we came. We saw weaving ladies. In a separate room we got sarongs to be dressed in. It was very hot when we came out of the air-conditioned room with extra clothing on. There were important people like the Mayor we met before, Bupati, parents with baby’s getting old fashion traditional “baptising” and boys dressed up in blue costumes to celebrate there circumcision. We sat on the floor eating food that the families have brought with them. Finally, after long waiting in the heat, we saw the “thousand dancer”, and it was spectacular.