Tonga 27/10-2/11 22016

Time used 4 days 4h, Distant 428.3 NM, SOG 4.4 avg, 7.3 max, TWA 209, TWS in knots 11.6 avg, 25.5 max

23/10 Stay sail, motor, jib, Main

24/10 Dolphins on Maria´s watch

25/10 Main down, main with a reef, reef out, run motor for power, reef out,

26/10 Tack to BB. Broken steering cable. Lars set up a new with Kevlar cable from Hans Boserup, thank you so much! Start motor and took sail down. A lot of swells and very uncomfortable to sail. Sat stay sail with motor so now littel better.

27/10 stay sail down and for motor threw the sound and in to Neiafu.


Samoa 18/10-23/10-2016

Time used 4 days 20.5h, Distant 516 NM, SOG 4.9 avg, 7.2 max, TWA 198, TWS in knots 12.6 avg, 25.8 max


Suwarrow – Cooks Island 11/10-13/10 2016

Time used 6 days 18.5h, Distant 716:44h NM, SOG 4.4 avg, 7.3 max, TWA 198, TWS in knots 13.4 avg, 24.1 max

5/10 Wedding day,

6/10 00 Lars sick is it a kidney stone? 02 Lars threw up, 04:30 mainsail down because of 20 knots, squall, setting stay-sail, 7:30 Lars take pills against stomach ache, 8:30 Lars throw up a lot of times.

7/10 8:00 Setting main and jib, 18:30 Lars are taking a lot of painkillers. We think that he have a kidney stone.

8/10 Lars still in a lot of pain.

9/10 6:30 The bilge does not work, empty bilge with an Aldi pump to a bucket.

10/10 9:30 Lars still in a lot of pain and take a lot of pain killers.

11/10 For motor and long time with jib alone. We will go slowly for not to arrive to early. We want to pass the reef entrance in daytime. We drop anchor close to the two other boat after talking to the ranger on WHF. After clearance on Alexandra we relaxed on board the rest of the day.

12/10 Snorkel at the read boys (could be large Manta Ray there early in the morning) and the white boy with nice corals and fish like the little reef close by Alexandra.

11- 14:00 Lars set up a hose from bilge to aft and out. We had timed also time for a walk around the little island and buying fish from the rangers for a six-pack of beer. Also a pack of rice to the rangers we could spare.

17.30 pot luck dinner together with a french boat with different nationality on board. Lady Amity came ind late but managed to come bye so it was nice to see them. The sun arranged the beach party and grilled the fish, rainbow runner, perfectly.

We enjoyed a lot the short stay at Suwarrow. The to park ranger, father and sun, were very pleasant easygoing guys. They loved to be on the little island away from stress, noise and traffic on the mainland, the south main island Rarotonga in the Cooks Island. They stayed on Suwarrow until November and came back in April after the hurricane season.

13/10 Sailing to Samoa 10:30 after checking out.


Maupiti 4/10-2016

Time used 6:55 h, Distant 28.5 NM, SOG 4.0 avg, 5.2 max, TWA 99.7, TWS in knots 9 avg, 15.4 max

Sail out of Teavanui, Pass Bora Bora, 8:30. We past by, the beautiful island, Maupiti after 7 hours sailing at 15:30 mostly because of late arrival but also very ruff current in the narrow pass. We continue to Suwarrow. and had another 7 days to go.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora 30/9-4/10

Time used 6 h, Distant 25 NM, SOG 4.1 avg, 6.1 max, TWA 173, TWS in knots 9 avg, 15 max

At seven in the morning we sail out of the beautiful bay Hurepiti with course to Bora Bora. Dolphins are playing when we pass the reef. Jib up but motor still on. Sunshine high swells and up to 15 knots. We sail in to Bora Bora threw Teavanui Pass and sail down south to the coral garden. We take the dingy to the reef and swim around. There are a lot of fish and fresh corals. We drift snorkeling back to Alexandra. After that we took the dingy in to the famous Bloody Mary restarent and, off cause, I had a very tasty Bloody Mary.

Next day we sailed up north west to the Bora Bora Yacht Club and got a mooring boy there but not for free. Here we could relax and get things done. Lars shift a seal on Westerbeke but unfortunately it did not help the generator to start running. He also secured the crack on David-er by casting carbon fiber on. Also buying a lot of motor oil because we still have a leak of diesel into the motor oil for the Yanmar main motor.

We had a nice 3 km walk to town and after provisioning the last day the supermarket brought us back for free with all our bags filled up. At the police station, central of town, we could easily clear out of French Polynesia. They even helped us with some photo copies to use when buying gas before we left. The last evening in FP we took farewell by having a nice meal of Poisson Cru at the Bora Bora YC.

We sailed early in the morning and stopped at the TOP gas station to fill up with tax-free diesel. Also fill up with water because without the generator running we can not run the water-maker. It went fine and we were on our way towards Maupiti there we wanted to stop for one night if we came early and the current was not to strong. We said goodbye to Lucas from Kernobi SE and Lady Amety from Australia were also there.


Tahaá 27/9-30/9

Time used 6:13 h, Distant 21.9 NM, SOG 3.3 avg, 5.2max, TWA 185, TWS in knots 13.6 avg, 20.4 max

At six o´clock in the morning we sail out of the up but pass, Avamoa at Fare. We had a lot of wind so jib alone. A squall hit us on the way threw the pass between Tahaá and Raiatea. We were lucky to come threw so it was not so bad. We had to tack threw the sound and had a meeting with a cargo-ship so quite exiting tour. Slowly we got better visibility so we could enjoy the coast of Tahaá. Finally, at 17:30, we reached the Baie de Tapuamu and find a village mooring boy there. The french boat, with the family we met on Fati Hiva, was there and we got to talk with them later on.

After a quiet evening relaxing on Alexandra we had a busy next day with visiting a Rom distillery, the village for fresh baguettes and taking the dingy out snorkeling at the coral garden.

Also Lars book us for a tour next day starting at Vanilla tour in Baie de Hurepiti so was up early and sailed to the bay were the mooring was included in the price. Touring around in a land-rover with four German sailors and Noah, the sun of the founder of Vanilla tour was great. We got to now a lot about vanilla men also other plants, trees and fruits on the island. Also how to make roof out of palm tree leaves.